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The month of March may be over, but the Big 12 Conference is offering yet a special one-of-a-kind gift for Big 12 women's basketball fans.

The first item is an autographed basketball with the signatures of ALL 12 head coaches from the conference. Every coach is here - including all nine that participated in postseason play!! Bill Fennelly, Bonnie Henrickson, Sherri Coale, Gary Blair, etc. - they are all included on this ball.

Also up for auction is the official scorebook from the 2009 Phillips 66 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship. This is the ACTUAL SCOREBOOK used at the scorer's table for each and every game of the event. As an added bonus, the scorebook is autographed by the winning coach - Baylor's Kim Mulkey!

Finally, the winner will look good in Big 12-style with a $50 gift certificate to the Big 12 online store. Use it to gear up and get ready for the spring seasons!

To review, the package includes the following items:

  • Regulation basketball signed by all 12 women's basketball coaches
  • Actual scorebook from championship, signed by Kim Mulkey of Baylor
  • $50 Certificate to Online Store

    Be sure to bid soon and bid often - as there is only ONE package available for your favorite Big 12 Women's Basketball Fan!!

    Auction Disclaimer
    The Big 12 Conference reserves the right to cancel any auction bid which is deemed to interfere with the auction itself or the event associated with the item. Should the winning bidder for any reason provide false information or act inappropriately, the bidder will forfeit his or her right to participate and his or her bid amount will not be reimbursed. The intent of this auction is to provide unique opportunities and keepsakes for fans of the Big 12 Conference.

    NCAA guidelines require that the following conditions be met in regards to institutional memorabilia and autographs:

    1. Re-distribution of the auctioned memorabilia item must have written approval from the Big 12 Compliance Office.

    2. The auctioned item or experience may not be used in fundraising events for any high school organization, high school fund raising event that will benefit a charity or educational project or any high school or prospect-aged individual.

    3. Memorabilia may not be re-sold for any purpose without Big 12 Compliance Office approval.

    By submitting my bid, I confirm my knowledge of the NCAA rules and regulations pertaining to this request and agree to abide by all said guidelines. I understand that the Big 12 reserves the right to request the return of the memorabilia or autographed item when guidelines are not followed.

    All bids are considered final and are legal binding contracts. Auction winner will be charged immediately upon closure of auction. Winning bids are non-refundable.

    $10 shipping and handling fee will be added to the winning bid

  • Item #: 10410-83255

    Bidding Information
    Auction End Time: Wed, Apr 15, 2009 1:00 PM(CT)
    Time Remaining: This auction has ended.
    Auction #: 36423
    Bid Count: 1
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    (Bidder: WITZO)
    Quantity Available: 1
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