Charlotte, N.C.-  The Charlotte 49ers and the Epilepsy Foundation hosted their 17th annual Fall Stroll for Epilepsy on Nov. 2 at the Charlotte 49ers Irwin Belk Track and Field Center.  This event was to raise awareness for Epilepsy.

"The Fall Stroll for Epilepsy allows the Charlotte 49ers a meaningful opportunity to combat a disorder that affects millions of Americans," Senior Associate Athletic Director Darin Spease said. "The money raised during the event goes a long way in providing medication and other services for those in our community that battle epilepsy every day." 

Spease's son Morgan, 10, is afflicted with epilepsy and suffered his first seizure when he was 20 months old. He is on three medications and two supplements three times daily that greatly control the seizures. Spease, a UNC Charlotte alum, and his family are fortunate to have insurance, but for those who do not, the costs can be staggering.

“We have a unique situation.  Most patients have responded to treatment and medication, we are still searching for an answer,” said Brandon Ingle.  Ingle has a six year son, Aidan, who was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was four months old.  “We are dealing with seizures day in and day out.  It is great to come down here and see all of the support from friends and family. It is a difficult situation but this helps get through it.”

Music, games, and prizes were provided along with a special guest appearance from Norm the Niner and several Charlotte student-athletes, who make it their mission to volunteer their time to community events.  Charlotte 49ers softball, men's basketball, men's and women's tennis, and baseball helped with the event.

The majority of the funds raised will go towards the "Medication Fund", which assists people across the state who cannot afford their seizure medication.  Funds from the Fall Stroll will also provide in-school education programs on Epilepsy, in-service training for professionals in the workplace, support groups across the state, advocacy & counseling and the Epilepsy Helpline & Newsletter.

Call 1-800- 451-0694 or visit for donations and additional information.