The Charlotte 49ers (4-4-3. C-USA: 0-2-2) will play 20th-ranked Tulsa (6-4-1, C-USA: 1-2) on the road, Sunday, October 13 at 5 pm.

Giuseppe Gentile leads the 49ers with five goals. Aidan Kirkbride and Kyle Parker, who each scored goals in the 49ers last game against Old Dominion, are tied for second on the team with three goals apiece. Luke Waechter, who assisted on Kirkbride’s goal in the Old Dominion game, has scored two goals this season. David Mayer and Will Mayhew, who has scored a goal as well, are tied for the team lead with three assists apiece. Brandt Bronico, Parker, Gentile and Waechter each have two assists.

The 49ers defense led by goalkeeper Klay Davis and defenders Waechter, Mayer, Thomas Allen, Anthony Perez, Nick Barnhorst and Biko Bradnock-Brennan have recorded five shutouts this season.

Sunday’s game will mark the first ever meeting between Charlotte and Tulsa.