Charlotte, N.C.- The Charlotte men’s and women’s track and field teams participated in Habitat for Humanity this week as part of their community service.

Habitat for Humanity has been a part of the 49ers way for the past four years.  “The community service projects that 49ers athletics teams engage in are meant to both help the sponsors complete their events and work but also to provide our student-athletes with new experiences and value volunteer service,” said Coach Robert Olesen.  The Habitat for Humanity chapter at Charlotte was founded in 2009 by three sophomore undergraduates.  The on campus organization has grown to draw about 70 members each year and reach about 10,000 students a semester through volunteer, fundraising, and advocacy events, on and off campus.  The hard work and dedication of the chapter’s members, combined with the rapid growth of the university has the capability to become a force for engaging students in meaningful service and reaching out to have a positive impact on families and individuals around the Charlotte area.

The Habitat for Humanity house is taking part on campus and will be finished in the days to come leading up the first Charlotte 49ers football homecoming.  The house will be revealed at the football game.  The house will be transported to its final location.  The house will be donated to a deserving family in the Charlotte area so they have a homecoming of their own.

"The student athletes and staff had a great time volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity building site on campus.  This project certainly exposed many of our student-athletes to activities and skills new to them and provided them with a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction while helping a very worthy cause."