We take a moment during each of the Final 49 weeks until Kickoff 2013 to look at various aspects of the Charlotte 49ers football program.


Ticket Treasures

Aug. 22, 2013

By Tom Whitestone

Less than two weeks from the opening kick. 

And its getting busier and busier for the team, the coaches, the staff and the fans.

School started Monday as did the period in which students could start requesting tickets. 

In less than six hours, about 6000 tickets had been requested.

People sometime ask what the student reaction has been to football.  Over 5,000 came out for the spring game.  About 6000 requested tickets to the inaugural game the very first chance they got.  That number has since risen, of course.  

Those numbers speak for themselves -- and indicate that this campus is hungry for football.

The campus is alive and excited and game day will be like no other day this campus has seen.

At the same time, FSL Account holders began to receive their season ticket packages.

Following twitter to see the reaction of Niner Nation was priceless:

"tix just arrived. it's real now" tweeted one fan.

"Put your tailgating pants on" another tweeted after opening her mail.

"Best day ever."  "Can't wait for kickoff!"  "Sweet!"  "@ Charlotte 49ers football is getting closer".

Most tweets included pictures of the ticket package -- as proud alum, proud fan, proud ticket holder showed off their ticket treasures.

One in particular stood out.

"THEY'RE HERE!!" one fan tweeted along with a picture of himself holding the tickets and his young child.

Meanwhile, the media attention has been substantial.  Head coach Brad Lambert found time around practice prep to hit the studios of WFAE and News 14, this week with an appearance on WCCB's Got Game slated for Saturday.  The Charlotte Observer will put out a special section dedicated to Charlotte 49ers Football in Sunday's newspaper to complement the front page preseason coverage they've already rolled out.  Radio appearances, interviews at practice and regular requests continue to roll in.

In the meantime, plans are made for the game broadcasts on both ESPN 730 AM and WCCB-TV Charlotte.

So while the team practices within campus, plenty of noise reverberates off campus.  A sportscaster sports the 49ers football cap she received at a Media Reception.  A student clicks online to request his game day ticket.  A fan, waiting patiently at home, celebrates the arrival of the family's ticket package.

The inaugural season is upon us, with the opening kick less than two weeks away -- and that package that arrived on the doorstep today is a treasure -- but it will pale in comparison to the one that awaits a week from Saturday.