We take a moment during each of the Final 49 weeks until Kickoff 2013 to look at various aspects of the Charlotte 49ers football program.


August Rush

July 31, 2013

By Tom Whitestone

Not exactly the quiet effort the storm. 

The Wednesday before the first day of preseason practice, the coaching staff enjoyed a luncheon with media members and the players took care of video headshots.

Inside the Rose Football Center activity still buzzed.  There's still plenty to be done -- plenty of preparations to be completed.

But outside was noticeably quiet. A lone tractor groomed the stadium turf.  There was a peace that belied the energy bounding inside -- and ready to storm the field in short order.

Since football first was broached as a possibility, Niner Nation has waited seven years for Aug. 2013.

And now it is here.  Practice starts up immediately.  The inaugural game waits just over four weeks away.

Head coach Brad Lambert was telling the media how he appreciated their help in telling our story over the last few years.

Players were telling the video camera that they couldn't wait to see the crowd on opening day.

Throughout this whole process it has seemed so far away. 

When Lambert was hired, Aug. 2013 was still 30 months away.

Now it is here. 

Thursday's first practice is different than the other firsts the 49ers have documented.  This first leads directly to the big first -- Opening Day.

It was cool when the calendar turned to 2013 --  and our football team began its spring practice --- just like every other team in the country.

But this is different -- when the calendar flips to August and our football team begins preseason practice -- with opening day just weeks away -- it all takes on a new intensity.

So many questions have been answered.  The uniforms unveiled.  The helmet displayed.  The schedule completed.  The stadium constructed.  All the questions that surrounded the start-up program that we were so eager to ask, have been answered.

Now it's all about what will take place on the field. 

It's August, 2013 -- and the rush is on!