We take a moment during each of the Final 49 weeks until Kickoff 2013 to look at various aspects of the Charlotte 49ers football program.


Quality Character

July 8, 2013

By Tom Whitestone

Preparing materials for the coming season and reviewing some coaching bios, a few things stand out.

First, a quote from Jim Grobe on the 49ers hiring of Brad Lambert:  “You’ve hit a home run with Brad Lambert.  There is not any aspect of Brad that you won’t love.”

That was back in March of 2011.  It’s been over two years since that statement was made and absolutely nothing has happened to prove it wrong.  From his coaching style, his recruiting ability, his interpersonal skills – he has helped the 49ers look and feel like anything but a start-up program.  Much like the Stadium built around him, he has supplied fine-tuned details that have helped the 49ers establish their presence before playing a single game.

Some of those details have been in the coaches he has hired. 20+ years of experience in his first hire:  Offensive Coordinator Jeff Mullen.  Nearly 30 years from his defensive coordinator, Bruce Tall.  The two have coached in 11 college bowl games.

James Adams has a bowl trip in his three years of coaching experience, Drew Dayton played in two bowl games, Damien Gary was a member of an SEC Championship team, Phil Ratliff coached and played for a couple NCAA I-AA National Championship teams, Napoleon Sykes coached in a bowl game, and Joe Tereshinski was also a member of that SEC Championship team.

All in all, Lambert was able to attract quality coaches – but the quality he most actively sought was character.

And, several clinics and camps, hospital visits and school trips, speaking engagements and social gatherings later, it’s obvious he’s found the right men.

Not only have they carved out certain areas of expertise in recruiting circles and contacts, but they bring a good blend of experience, energy and intensity to the program.

Time and again Lambert said of a coach, “he’s the kind of guy we want working with our young men,” or “he knows how we want players treated.”  So often, Lambert talked about the “type of guy” his coaches are.

And that’s where the details come in.  Lambert and his staff have a myriad of prior connections.  They worked together or played together or coached together.  They know what each other is all about and that has made for a strong staff with a single purpose.

Judy Rose said of coach Lambert upon his hiring that he’s a relationship guy.  She noted the several former players that showed up in support at his introductory press conference.

Those relationships are what built the 49ers coaching staff.  And it’s those relationships that will build the 49ers football program.

And it's Lambert’s intent to build the program on quality – and that quality is character.