W-Drill Charlotte Drill

Top of L-Drill & L-Drill


Shuttle & Shuttle Variation

Step Drill

Half Moon

Bags or Hurdles

4 Cone Drill & Diagnoal Box Drill





Dynamic Warm Up Exercises

Shoulder Combo

Overhead Rotation

Overhead Figure 8's

Lateral Figure 8's

Cuban Press


Alternate Front-Back


Olympic Lifts - Power Shrug, Heel-Hip Elbow Drive, Hang Clean, Power Clean

Box Squat, Parallel Squat, Front Squat

Overhead Squat


Goblet Squat


DB Lunge

Sumo Deadlift, Conventional Deadlift, Deficit Deadlift, RDL


DB Deadlift

Good Morning


Glute Ham Raise

PG Leg Curl


Bench Press, Close/Wide Grip, Board, Slingshot, FB Bar, Rack, Floor Press

DB Floor Press

Speed Bench


Military Press


Seated Dumbbell Press And Alt. Dumbbell Press

DB Lateral Raise, DB Front Raise, DB Bent-Over Raise

DB Tricep Extension And Tate Press

Bent-Over Row

Football Bar Row

1 Arm DB Rows


Lat Pull, Reverse Grip Lat Pull & High Pull


Bar Shrug And DB Shrug

Face Pulls


BW Face Pulls


Push-Up & Diamond Push-Up

Plate Drag

Hammer Pull Up


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