With the Charlotte 49ers first spring game slated for April 20, the university community is invited to a Town Hall Meeting, Monday, April 15, 2013 to discuss the issues that football game days will have on the campus.  The meeting will take place in McKnight Lecture Hall at 3 p.m.  Chancellor Dr. Philip Dubois, Director of Athletics Judy Rose and other key campus figures will cover various topics at the meeting.

While the full impact of football game days will be felt in the inaugural 2013 season, this coming fall, the April 20 Spring Game is being used as a dry run for game-day operations, including  traffic routes in and out of campus, reserved parking designations and tailgating.

The meeting will include discussion of the various committees that have been assembled to research and review the impact of football game days, including specific attention to:

                Parking and traffic routes on and off campus

                Tailgating policies

                Student ticket policies

                Stadium set-up

                Use of university space on campus

                Student activities

                Team activities

                Game Day communication