During the final 49 weeks until Kickoff 2013, we will take a moment each week to look at various aspects of the football program.


Select Seats

Mar. 31, 2013

By Tom Whitestone

This past week, FSL seat selection began.  The process is pretty straightforward.  FSL members were contacted with a date and time to arrive at the stadium.  Those with the highest priority rank were invited to choose their seats first.  The process will continue in to April until all FSL members have chosen their seats.

So, this past week, the first group of 49ers fans came to the stadium.  They wandered through the stadium seats.  They sat in aisle seats.  They sat in seats up high, closer to the concourse.  They sat in seats down low, closer to the field.  They sat closer to the North End Zone and then tried out the seats in the South End Zone -- closer to where the team will run out. 

They pictured the view. 

Much like Goldilocks they found the ones that fit just right.

And, there they will sit for the inaugural season.  For the second season.  For the third season.  Forever.

Some fans decided to upgrade from the green FSLs to gold.  Many fans took pictures, of the seats or the view from their seats.

And many fans stopped to take in what was really going on.  They'd come to checkout, to receive their tickets to the April 20 spring game -- and they'd stand at the press box window and just stare.  More pictures.  More images.  More awe.

"I never thought I'd see this," they would say.

"I've waited a long time for this," others mentionned.

The days may have been cool last week -- but few seemed to care.

They were picking their forever 49ers Football seats, and that trumped any weather Mother Nature decided to dish out while keeping Spring at bay.

Those that got to pick late in the afternoon on days when the team was practicing on the turf got an added bonus -- an opportunity to see some 49ers football while they picked their seats.

Those that pick this week will get to watch as the scoreboard is installed on the frame above the Rose Football Center.

And all will feel as if they are a part of the process that has been at least seven years in the making.

And, of course, they are.

Many, I hope, took satisfaction in that.  Satisfaction in helping to bring football to the Charlotte 49ers. 

Now, it is their chance to get their reward.  They get to claim their seats.

Their forever 49ers football seats.

And that fits just right.