During the final 49 weeks until Kickoff 2013, we will take a moment each week to look at various aspects of the football program.


Field of White

Feb. 17, 2013

By Tom Whitestone

This past Friday, softball and baseball were both in action as winter tried to give way to spring.  Sunny skies.  60 degrees.  A beautiful day to enjoy games at the ballparks.

It was neat to see fans coming and going from baseball and softball -- and stopping to gaze at the football stadium.  They'd walk along the pavers to and from their cars.  They'd stop and snap a few pictures. 

And, in the fall, it will be neat when that is turned around and fans coming and going to the football stadium will stop to check out the baseball and softball stadiums.

On game day Saturdays, fans will park near Belk Track and Field Center and Transamerica Field and talk for a moment about the 49ers standout track and soccer programs.  They'll wander by Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex and think it would be cool to watch a match from the stadium seating.  And they'll pass by both the softball and baseball fields and think they need to return in the spring to catch more 49ers action.

That is one of the ancillary benefits of the football program.  Fans will see the 49ers fantastic facilities, they will learn more about the 49ers other athletic programs and they will come to appreciate the great college atmosphere and opportunities that live in their own backyard.

On Saturday, the weather took a turn as winter changed its mind and refused to yield to spring.  Baseball and softball went from 60's to snow.  Games were cancelled.

Still folks headed out to the football stadium.  They took pictures of the snow-draped facility and posed for pictures in front of the gates. 

There's something magnetic about a recent snowfall.   Folks love to take pictures of the great white north, south, east or west.  They love to go out and catch snowflakes and throw snowballs. 

It's not often that the campus is blanketed in snow -- and certainly for football fans, game days will more closely resemble Friday's bright sunny setting than anything close to Saturday's wintry takeover.

Still fans were pulled to the stadium. A unique opportunity for an original sight.  The 49ers football field covered with snow.  The football statues snowcapped.  While some students made snowmen across campus, others came to check out the grounds around the stadium.  This was, after all, the first chance to see the 49ers football stadium dressed in white.

It's amazing to see the natural attraction that brings visitors regularly by the stadium, on sunny days or winter nights.

And, if you think they loved seeing the stadium covered in a field of white -- just wait till its draped in a sea of green.