A pair of twice life-sized statues were installed at the Charlotte 49ers football stadium, Tuesday.  The statues adorn entrances to the facility at each of the opposite endzones.

Sculpted by Jon Hair and commissioned by Irwin Belk, the identical statues depict a quarterback rolling out as he eyes the secondary. 

"Of all the pieces I've done, this guy right here is really my favorite," said Hair, who noted he has done 40 monumental sculptures. "I love the size and scale and power of the piece.  I love that's he's moving and running in space.  It adds a lot of power and excitement to the piece.

"We wanted to do a quarterback on the move so we could really get a dynamic force to the piece.  I love that he's on one foot and ready to hit his target downfield."

The bronze sculptures stand approximately 12 feet tall.  One is positioned outside the entrance to Rose Football Center at the South Endzone.  The second is outside Gate 3 at the top of the North Endzone.

Thanks to the generous contributions of Irwin Belk, the Charlotte 49ers have representative statues outside each of their playing facilities.  The two football statues give Charlotte a total of 16 athletic sculptures including baseball, men's and women's basketball, distance/cross country, golf, men's and women's soccer, softball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track and field and volleyball.