Will Thomas actually rolled around on turf when he first hit the field.

Peter Fields called out, "I feel like a kid.  This is awesome."

Much like the costumed children that later that evening would be running from door to door, the players took to the stadium field for the first time with that same excitement and awe.

The Charlotte 49ers held their first practice on their stadium turf today.

The practice included many of the same drills.  But the look and feel was different.

Fans wandered in to watch the team as it moved from drill to drill around the field.  Twitter blew up as fans saw what they thought they might never see. Photographers took birds-eye views to get the full picture.

Charlotte 49ers football players on the Charlotte 49ers stadium field.

For head coach Brad Lambert it was another key moment in the steady progression of his football program.

Earlier if the day the certificate of occupancy was signed over to the university.  Minutes later, Lambert was moving his practice to the stadium.

On Day One of ownership of the stadium -- in fact, less than three hours after the paperwork was signed -- 49ers players were taking over the field.

It was a day to celebrate -- and the best way to celebrate was with a field full of players.