Sophomore Zach Greth has shined in his sophomore season for the Charlotte 49ers. He's led the Niners four out of five times this season and is looking to continue his success on Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Atlantic 10 Championship in Philadelphia. Charlotte hopes to leave a lasting impression as it takes its final run as a member of the A-10.

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Q: With the Atlantic 10 Championship approaching, how have you been mentally and physically preparing?

A: The biggest thing for me going into A10s is to treat it like any other race.  I don't want to approach this race as the be-all and end-all of the season because that pressure will only subtract from my performance.  I've cut down on my training slightly to feel more at ease both mentally and physically, but most of the rest is kept to sticking to what I'm used to.  I know there's nothing I can do from now until race day to drastically improve my performance.  I've worked hard for the past six months to give myself the best opportunity to run well.  Now it's just time to go out there and take care of business.

Q:What are your expectations of yourself and your team at the A10?

A: I have high expectations for both the men and women up in Philly.  Everyone has been running fast in the workouts. We just have to carry the momentum into the race and we can be a top five team no doubt.  This is our last race in the A10 Conference so we want to make some noise on the way out.  As for myself, I'm just looking to capitalize on the mistakes I made in last year's race.  I want to find the guys in the race that I know are going to run well and just hang on to them for as long as I can.    

Q: What has been the highlight of your sophomore season so far?

A: The Charlotte Invite out at McApline has been the highlight of my season thus far.  I did a good job of running fast off the starting line and just sticking my nose in there for as long as I could.  I came up with a race plan and committed to it, and came away with a nice 8k PR.  It was good confirmation of my hard work moving me in the right direction.

Q: Being just a sophomore, have you found it challenging to be a leader on your team?

A: It's been great to lead the Charlotte team in a few races, but I don't really see myself as a leader on the team.  Being just a sophomore, I'm finally starting to get fully adjusted to the transition into college running.  I share any piece of advice or experience that I think will help the team out.  Otherwise, we do a good job of working together as a group.  We're all out there working hard to achieve the same common goals, and we communicate with each other to achieve them. 

Q: What's the best part about being a Charlotte 49er?

A: The school definitely provides us with a lot of great opportunities.  I think it's awesome that we get to travel around the country to compete.  It means a lot to put the Charlotte singlet on.  It's all about running fast and putting the Niner name out there.        

Q: If you could play another sport what would it be and why?    

I played hockey for awhile before I picked up running.   It's a fast-paced game and you're always moving around.

Q: What are your pre-meet rituals? If you listen to music, what songs do you like to warm-up to?

A: Once we get to course, I like to stay off my feet and relax as much as possible.  I listen to music and try to think about anything but the race.  I'm a big fan of Circa Survive so that's almost always playing on my MP3.  

Q: Who is one person on the team that you're guaranteed to get a laugh out of and why?

AMichael Tamayo. The kid always has something funny to say or do up his sleeve.  Mike is a great 800m runner, so it's been funny to hear him talk about running the 10k all season with nothing but sheer dread in his voice.  But he still goes out there and kills it anyway.

Q: What's the hardest thing about being a cross country athlete?

A: Any practice we have at Frank Liske Park is pretty tough.  I don't think I ever run well there.