Sophomore forward Olivia Rankin recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office and talked about her summer and the upcoming season. Last season, Rankin played in seven games, hitting both of her field goal attempts and both of her foul shots for six points.

Overall how was your first season of college basketball? It was a very good experience to sit and watch how college basketball would be. Watching the games will develop me as a better player because I am a very observant person so it wasn't too painful. It was hard sitting out a year after playing years of basketball but it was a good experience overall.

What are your expectations for this upcoming season? I plan to work with the new coach and try to develop as a better player.

What are you doing this summer? I plan on getting in shape by doing a lot of conditioning. A lot of strength and agility stuff to get quicken my footwork and be stronger in the post.

Are you taking any classes for the summer? I am taking Child Development and Psychology classes. I am thinking about changing my major not sure if I will be taking the Psychology pathway or Criminal Justice. I am just taking a lot of different classes but mostly Psychology classes because I really enjoy them.

Did you have any classes the first session of summer? I took an online class called Women's Psychology.

Pretty much the whole team here this summer, how is that going with bonding with the team? It's great. I love it. I think everybody is more positive than the year before and we're bonding more and everybody is looking forward to the season. It should be a good season.

What are your personal expectations for the year and for the team? Go to the championship. We all are hard workers we know what we can do.

With the coaching staff being here now for a little while do you think that helps you guys? Yes it does. I think we are more open and trustworthy to one another and can talk about anything. The coaches make us feel more comfortable. Everyone knows what people dislike and likes are.

How is it to play college basketball close to home? It is great because I feel like Charlotte is a very supportive family oriented place and my family comes all the time to everything. So it's great and I like it a lot.

Who do you think has been your biggest influence in life and why? Since I have been in college I have became closer to God because everything is hard and takes a lot of focus and determination to get through it. I've been really close to God; I have talked to God a lot good and bad. God has been my biggest motivator.

Are you doing anything else for the rest of the summer? I am just sticking to basketball.