The Junior 49ers Club Rewards System is a simple one!

1. Wear your badge to all Charlotte 49ers athletic events.
2. Check in with a marketing representative to get credit for each game you attend. (Make sure you get your Junior 49ers Passport stamped so you can keep track as well!) Events that will be tracked include: men's soccer, women's soccer, volleyball, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball and softball. You will receive notification of special events and times when you can earn extra points!
3. Each athletic event you attend is worth 1 point. Each special event is worth 3 points.
4. The more points you get, the better chance you have at being one of two Junior 49ers of the Month!
5. Junior 49ers of the Month will be featured on the Junior 49ers web page, the Junior 49ers Facebook page and in the monthly newsletter. Junior 49ers of the Month will receive special VIP privileges to Charlotte 49ers athletic events during that month.
6. At the end of the year, the Junior 49er with the most points will be our very first Junior Reporter! A Junior Reporter will be able to meet with a 49er team to talk to them and ask them questions. Their session will be taped and featured on YouTube!

This page will be updated regularly for you to keep track of your points! 

Currently... (Updated 3/11/13)
1st place: Owen C. (16 points)
2nd place: Sydney S. (15 points)
3rd place:
Garret H. (11 points)

Name Men's Soccer Women's Soccer Volleyball Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Baseball Softball Special Events
Abby M.   1 1          
Alexandra H.                
Autumn C.         1      
Cameron T. 1 2           1
Colin M.     1         1
Daniel C.         1      
Dylan D.     1        

Elizabeth W.                
Evan B.       3
Garrett H.       5       2
Hudson P.                
Hunter B.               1
Jack B.               1
Jacob G.                
Janais P.                
Janaya P.                
Jaylen M.               2
John H.                
Joshua G.                
Julia W.                
Kasey S.                
Katherine B.               1
Katie T. 1 2           1
Kirsten G.                
Laney H.                
Layla B.       1       2
Madison C.               2
Malachi R.                
Miles A.                
Morgan B.                
Morgan S.                
Mycah K.                
Nia R.       1 1     1
Noah T.               1
Owen C.    

9 1     2
Payton P.                
Paul M.        1        
Peter T.        1 2      
Raymond B.                
Selassie R.       1 1     1
Sienna M.                
Simone R.     1          
Susan M.               1
Sydney S.       8 1     2
T. Crosby R.               2
Tyrese K.                
Wes B.     1          
Wesley D.                
Xaiver B.       1 3     1

Tucker S.

      1       1

Reade M.

John M.               1
Ethan L.               1