Junior forward Gabby Tyler recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office and talked about her summer and the upcoming season. Last season, Tyler recorded two double-doubles and three double-figures rebounds games. Tyler, who earned A-10 All-Rookie team honors in 2011, finished tied for third on the team in scoring last season at eight points per game.

How is your summer going? Good, I am working out.  I went home first session of summer school.  I am taking two classes this session, research methods and intro to computer concepts.

What is your major? Criminal Justice

Are those classes for your major? Research Methods is for my major but intro to computer concepts is an elective.

Now that you are a junior, you will have to step into more of a leadership role.  What are you doing to work on that? I am working on my leadership skills, working to stay positive all the time, and trying to help the team any way that I can.

How is the bonding experience with the team going this summer? I think it is going really well.  I think our team has really grown from last year.  We have gone away from some of the things that we did last year.  I think our team is actually closer.

With the coaching staff being here a year now, is that helping with the bonding experience and being comfortable with each other? I think everyone is getting used to Coach Cara's program, learning a little bit more and just buying into her program.  I think it is making our team change by buying into her program.

What are you personally working on with your game this summer? I am working on getting in shape and helping this team any way that I can on and off the court.

What are the team expectations for the season? To win the A-10 championship, as well as getting  to the NCAA tournament.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? I would say my parents because they are always there for me.  They are a big influence on my life because of the advice that they give me.  They won't lie to me and they don't sugar coat anything.  They teach me life lessons.