Senior guard Jai Forney recently sat down with the Charlotte 49ers athletic media relations office and talked about her summer and the upcoming season. Last season, Forney finished tied for third on the team in scoring at a career-high eight points per game. She also tallied career-highs in assists with 85 and steals with 34. She started 29 of Charlotte's 30 games last year.

How is your summer going? Pretty good, I can't complain.

Are you just going to classes and working out this summer? Yes, that's pretty much it. I am concentrating on school and basketball this summer.

What classes are you taking? I am taking a Statistics class.

What is your major? My major is Africana Studies.

Did you take a class in the first session? I took a class call Virginity, Politics, Power and Pleasure class.

Is this a part of your major? My minor is Women Studies and it is a Women Studies class.

Now that you are a senior, you will have to step up into a leadership role; do you think you are ready for that? I have definitely had to step into a leadership role a whole lot more. It has been a little bit of a struggle but it just takes time and I think I am getting better at it.

Pretty much the whole team is here this summer, how is bonding with your teammates going? The bonding is going pretty well. I feel like we are going to have a really great season. The freshmen are looking pretty good and everyone that's still here with all of us together it's going to be interesting season.

A lot fans don't realize this but the beginning of a successful season starts during summer workouts.  Is that what you feel? Yes. I think that is what got us on a bumpy road last summer having a whole new coaching staff and having to buy into everything. Now I feel that everyone is on the same page and has bought in to what the coaching staff is saying. It all starts in the summer time.

What are your personal expectations for the year and for the team? This is my senior year; I want to play in the NCAA tournament.

What do you think you need to do personably to make that happen? I need to step into more of a leadership role. I also need to continue doing what I been doing my whole career at Charlotte which is playing good defense and doing all the little things to help us win games.

Do you like being a starter (Jai started 29 of Charlotte's 30 games last season)? I like starting. As a sophomore, I came off the bench. When you come off the bench you get a chance to see the flow of the game. Starting is different you have to be real aware of everything but I definitely like starting.

Now that you're a senior, what are your plans beyond this year? I definitely would like to play professionally. I would also like to get into coaching.

Who has been your biggest influence in life? I would have to say my family.

You grew up and played high school basketball in Charlotte.  What is it like playing college basketball in your hometown? It is great. I get to see family a lot more. Friends also get a chance to come see me when they are not in school. It is a really good thing.

Are you doing anything else for the summer? I am a gym rat all summer.