Few "bleed green" more than AJ Mead. A 2008 graduate of UNC Charlotte, Mead serves as the Media Production Coordinator for the Charlotte 49ers, managing all live event and video production for the department.

Mead produces video features, interviews, highlights and other on-demand video content for charlotte49ers.tv, in-game video board usage, local television and paid advertising spots. He recently saw the end of ‘Panning For Gold’, a weekly 15-minute 49ers sports show he created, wrote, edited and produced for three seasons and nearly 60 episodes. In addition to on-demand content, Mead provides the primary creative for team intro videos and lineup graphics inside Halton Arena working closely with the 49ers Marketing Team.

While a student, Mead spent much of his time in or around the 49ers athletic department trying to gain experience wherever he could. While with the Sports Information office he was asked to assist in the implementation of Charlotte’s live game broadcasts as well as spearhead the 49ers video initiative. He found something he was passionate about, and upon graduation was offered the position he serves in today. While a student, AJ aslo served as the Voice of the Charlotte 49ers Womens Basketball program, a role he served from 2007-11. He graduated with a degree in Communications (focus on Mass Media) and a minor in journalism.

Since then, Mead has seen the video production department and his responsibilities grow each and every year. Recently he assisted in the development of the charlotte49ers.tv video player, implementation of social media platforms (twitter/youtube), upgrades to high-definition equipment and will oversee the development of Charlotte’s first in-house video studio later this summer. AJ does not lend his voice for nearly as many play-by-play opportunities as he used to, but he is a regular contributor/reporter for charlotte49ers.tv.

A native of Pennsylvania, AJ currently resides in Charlotte (University Area). An avid sports fan, Mead is a loyal supporter of the Baltimore Orioles (MLB) and Baltimore Ravens (NFL). Outside the traditional sports, he is also a huge fan of horse racing and often frequents NASCAR events. Outside of sports, AJ is a classic film fan and freelance videographer. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and patronizing local sports restaurants to watch the big games.