Capacity: 246

Opened in 2012, the Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex is one of the nicest in the southeast. A breathtaking 12,477 square foot facility includes coaches offices, a conference room, a player/team lounge and the Mens and Womens team locker rooms. The facility is named in honor of Dale Halton and Fred Wagner and their generous support of the 49ers tennis program.

The Penny Brawley Womens Tennis Office Suite is named in honor of Penny Brawley, the 49ers all-time winningest coach, whose career spanned four decades. The Jim Boykin Men's Tennis Office Suite is named for the all-time winningest men's coach, who led Charlotte to its first NCAA Tournament appearance in 2007.  Despite retiring, Jim serves as a volunteer coach on the current staff for his son, Billy.

The complex sits at the corner of Cameron Blvd. and Phillips Road, on campus, and includes a pair of scoreboards with wireless scoring capabilities opposite the 246 stadium seats.  Statues of both a men's and women's tennis player, donated by Carol and Irwin Belk, adorn the entrance to the facility's breezeway which leads directly into the stadium.

The facility includes a training room, stringing room and study lounge all on site just feet away from the courts.

The 12 newly surfaces courts align perfectly with the spectator seats. New LED scoreboards dawn the far sideline and keep up with points/scores throughout the match.