With opponents coming in from great distances, rains have washed out both scheduled matches for the men's and women's tennsi teams on Sunday at the Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex.

The men were to play conference foe Richmond, but they canceled Saturday evening. The women had a match with Coastal Carolina, which was already in town with a match at Gardner-Webb yestrerday, but rains came early and the forecast did not lend to getting the match in.

Neither match is scheduled to be made up with each team's remaining schedules full.

The men will finish the home portion of their schedule this Wednesday, versus Appalachian State at 2:30 p.m. They are 11-6 so far this season. It will be the last home match for senior Anthony Davison.

The women's team travels to Charleston for a neutral-site match with conference opponent Massachusetts at 10 a.m. The 49ers are 12-1 this season. Charlotte will then play its final home matches of the season in a five-match home stand.