Thursday night's series-opening baseball game between Charlotte and Dallas Baptist was suspended in the middle of the seventh inning. The game will be picked up in the bottom of the seventh, starting at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon at Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium.

The regularly scheduled 6 p.m. will play as scheduled, barring a long finish to the first game.Fans wishing to see the conclusion of the series-opener can exchange tonight's ticket for a ticket for entry on Friday.

Dallas Baptist is leading 1-0 after the stretch, and freshman Derek Gallello has a 1-0 count leading off the bottom of the seventh inning when the game resumes. Each team has four hits and has left five runners on to this point of the game.

No pitching substitutions have been made to this point with Dallas Baptist starter Cy Sneed logging two strikeouts and a walk and Charlotte's Andrew Smith striking out six and hitting two batters. The game, to this point, has lasted one hour and 39 minutes.

Game two starters will be senior Taylor Massey for Dallas Baptist and sophomore Tyler Barnette for the 49ers.