Men's Tennis Potential Recruit Questionnaire
Please complete the following questionnaire if you are interested in potentially competing for the Western Michigan men's tennis program.

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Full Name
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High School
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Graduation Date
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S.A.T Scores (Verbal/Math)
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High School GPA
Intended Major
Have you applied to WMU?
Have you applied to the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse?
If transferring to WMU, name of previous school and years played.
If transferring to WMU, list credits to transfer, GPA and athletic eligibility.
Tennis Information

Injuries/Illness (Please detail type and length of time out)
Tennis rankings held (list highest rankings held in 16's and 18's).
Oustanding players competed against.
Describe tennis game and type of player (include strengths, weaknesses, etc.)
Number of tournaments playing the the previous year (please send all tournament results for the past two years to david.morin@wmich.edu.
Please list names of three references, including phone numbers and/or email addresses.