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2014 University Stadium Policies and Information






Welcome to the 2014 season of Lobo football at the University of New Mexico, and welcome to University Stadium. We trust that your game day experience will be rewarding, and to help you have the best experience possible, here is a guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions for everything you need to know about Lobo football and coming to University Stadium.


1. What are the rules/regulations for parking?
Admission to some lots are with passes only. Others cost $5 or $10. All RV parking day of game is $50; overnight RV parking is $75 with purchase of season tickets. See the accompanying map. UNM says there are more than 4,000 parking spaces surrounding University Stadium, including 108 handicapped spaces. Vehicles must park consistent with lane markings; there will be no saving of parking spots. 

2. When will the parking lots be open?
Generally, six hours prior to kickoff.

3. What alternate transportation is available?
The Lobo Shuttle from Lot T (located at the southwest corner of University and Lomas) runs two hours before kickoff and drops off at the Stadium North lot for $3 per person (round trip), and tickets are available the day of the game at the Lot T (cash only accepted). The return shuttle runs for a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the game.

UNM will have three golf carts roaming the stadium parking lots starting an hour and a half before kickoff to serve as courtesy shuttles for fans with special needs. Also for students, a courtesy shuttle is provided two hours prior to kickoff, operates until kickoff, then one hour after the game is over.  

 4. What provisions are made for RVs?
For RVs, the overnight lot is in the TLC 2 Lot (Pit North 2). A pass is required. The lot opens at 5 p.m. the day before each of UNM’s six home games. All RVs must be self-contained and may tow one vehicle. General (non-overnight) RV parking is $50 and is available in any paid lot. Open lots are all lots around University Stadium excluding pass lots and CNM lots.  

5. May I use a gas grill for tailgating?
Yes, with these rules:

    Must not be used inside tents, under building overhangs or within 15 feet of buildings.
    Must not be used within 25 feet of vehicles or other gas-fueled equipment.
    Must not be used near open windows, doors or building air intakes.
    Must be set on level ground and protected against being hit or knocked over.
    In case of an emergency, call UNM Campus Police (277-2241). 

For the safety of everyone, please DO NOT USE A GRILL IF A GAS LEAK OCCURS. If you smell natural gas prior to or during grilling. TURN OFF THE BURNERS AND BOTTLE. 

Here's what to do in case of an emergency:

If an uncontrolled fire occurs:

If a burn or other injury occurs:

6. May I advertise my business on my car in the parking lot?

7. What about playing music or selling things?
Nothing can be sold, nor can live bands or loud music be played, unless permitted by UNM athletics. 

8. Will University Blvd. be closed down for games again this year?
No. However University may be closed for post game traffic exits. 


1. Can I still get season tickets or single-game tickets? 
Season tickets are still available at the Lobo Ticket Office in the Pit and online at The Lobo Ticket Office hours are 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday- Friday. Individual game tickets are available.

Always make sure the ticket office knows if you require handicapped accessible seats.

2. What ways can I buy single-game tickets? 
   Online at or at

    At 925-5858, 925-1620 or toll-free at 1-800-955-HOWL

    At the Pit ticket office 

    At the UNM Bookstore 

    At all Albertsons Ticket Outlet locations. Click here for locations. 

    On game day four hours prior to kick off at the northeast corner ticket office of University Stadium (the school has implemented a $5 surcharge policy for game-day purchases)

    For more information call the ticket office at (505) 925-5626 or (505) 925-1620.. 

3. Does UNM have group tickets?
Yes. Just contact the ticket office at 925-1620 or 925-5626 for more information.

4. How does a student qualify for student tickets?
Student tickets are free for all UNM students enrolled in at least six hours. They also can get tickets during regular ticket-office business hours at the Lobo Ticket Office in The Pit  and at UNM Bookstore Ticket Office. All students must present their Lobo Card at Gate 9 to receive their one free ticket, and they can purchase up to three additional guest tickets for $10 each for non-premium games and $15 for ASU game.

5. Where is the Will Call booth located?
At the northeast corner of the stadium at Gate 8 for the general public.  Player guests, high school coaches and visiting teams are at Gate 7.

6. How do I qualify to sit in the Lobo Club section?
Through tax deductible gifts. Call the Lobo Club at 925-2582.


1. What types of things are not allowed into University Stadium

2. May I bring a banner or sign for my favorite player?

3. May I bring a handbag or pocketbook into University Stadium?

4. May I take pictures at the game?

5. May I bring in my own chairback seat into University Stadium?

6. May I go on the field prior to the game or after?

7. What if I need first aif or the aid of police for any reason?

8. What if I lose track of my children?

9. Where is Lost and Found?

10. What is the re-entry policy?

11. May I bring a stroller?

12. What about wheelchair spaces?

13. May I smoke?

14. May I legally have an alcoholic beverage?

15. What if I need assistance inside University Stadium?

1. What types of things are not allowed into University Stadium?

The following items will not be allowed into UNM Athletic Department venues:

·  Outside food and/or beverages (1 unopened bottle of water per fan)

·  cans/bottles

·  strollers

    Oversized umbrellas or tents(small personal umbrellas are ok)

·  alcohol        

·  baby seats

Tripods and professional camera lenses.

Skateboards and bikes

·  balloons

·  beach balls

·  coolers

·  explosives/fireworks

·  folding chairs (stadium chairs 18” wide max are allowed)

·  illegal drugs

·  laser pointers

·  artificial noisemaker such as horns, drums, bells, whistles, etc. per Mountain West Conference rules

·  pets (except service animals assisting those with disabilities)

·  weapons of any kind

·  signs

·  any other item that in the judgement of game management staff poses a safety hazard or detracts from the ability of others to enjoy the event Prohibited items must be returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. Any unlawful items are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession of such items is subject to ejection from the stadium and/or arrest. 

2. Can I bring a banner or sign for my favorite player?
Yes, provided they are of reasonable size, 2’ x 2 (as determined by event staff) and contain no advertising, offensive material or language. Signs cannot obstruct the view of other patrons during the game

3. Can I bring a handbag or pocketbook into University Stadium?
Of reasonable size (as determined by event staff), but all bags will be searched. Pocketbooks, computer bags, etc., will be searched as well.

4. Can I take pictures at the game?
Still frame cameras are permitted inside the stadium, video cameras are not.

5. Can I bring in my own chairback seat into University Stadium?
Yes, but they must have the seat checked at the entrance. Chairback seats larger than 11 by 18 inches are not permitted. Chairback seat rentals are $5 per game and go to UNM baseball and spirit programs.

6. May I go on the field prior to the game or after? 
Only team personnel, media and credentialed event management staff are authorized to be on the field before, during or after the game. Anyone else is subject to expulsion from the stadium and could face prosecution.

7. What if I need first aid or the aid of the police for any reason?
Emergency assistance is available at the Command Post located on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium or by dialing 925-5506. Contact any usher or ticket taker wearing an Event Staff shirt, and they will be able to assist and get EMTs to respond. There is also a Police Command Post, which is located on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium near Gate 5. First aid, lost and found and lost children are located here. The phone number is 925-5506.

8. What if I lose track of my children?
Contact the nearest law-enforcement officer or event staff member. Lost children will be taken to the Command Post at the north end of the stadium near Gate 5.

9. Where is Lost and Found?
At the Command Post on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium near Gate 5 during games (dial 925-5506). During the week call the UNM Police at 277-2241.

10. What is the re-entry policy?
Generally not permitted unless for a emergency. The Customer Service representative near the Command Post near Gate 5 will make the decision.

11. May I bring a stroller?
Yes, if it is collapsible and fits under your seat.

12. What about wheelchair spaces?
There are nearly 200 wheelchair spaces throughout the stadium. Tickets for those spaces are available at 925-5626.

13. May I smoke?

14. May I legally have an alcohol beverage?
Legal drinkers may do so in the parking lots in accordance with University policy with the following stipulations:

    No glass bottles are permitted.

    No common-source alcohol is permitted, including party balls or kegs.

    No alcohol may be brought into the stadium.

15. What if I need assistance inside University Stadium?
For instant access to event management, text “Lobos” to 78247. Event staff will then text back and fans may request assistance or ask questions. If necessary, event staff can quickly dispatch safety/security medical or guest services staff to the appropriate location.



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