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If you have ever made a donation to the Lobo Club online, over the phone, or in person, it is very likely that you already have an account for our Online Donation Center and do not need to create a new one. If you are unsure or don't remember your login information, please contact the Lobo Club at 505-925-CLUB (2582) and we will check our system.

As always, thank you for your support of the Lobo Club, the Gateway to Giving for University of New Mexico Athletics.


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All of the telephone numbers listed below are in AREA CODE 505.

Department MAILING Address:
[Staff Member and/or Department Name]
The University of New Mexico Lobos
Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building
1 University of New Mexico
MSC04 2680
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Department SHIPPING Address:
[Staff Member and/or Department Name]
The University of New Mexico Lobos
Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building
1414 University Boulevard SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Administration FAX: 925-5534 or 925-5509
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Paul Krebs Vice-President, Athletics 925-5510 P. Krebs
Tim Cass Chief Operating Officer 925-5508 T. Cass
Janice Ruggiero Senior Associate AD/Administration & Senior Women's Administrator 277-5067 ruggiero@unm.edu
Brad Hutchins Senior Associate AD/ Marketing & Revenue 925-5606 hutchins@unm.edu
Kurt Esser Senior Associate AD 235-9766 kesser@unm.edu
Stuart Starner Senior Associate AD/ Development 925-2582 stuart.starner@unmfund.org
Henry Villegas Associate AD/Student Development 277-1732 hvillega@unm.edu
Amy Neel Faculty Representative 277-7084 atneel@unm.edu
Rita Chavez Exec Asst to VP for Athletics 925-5502 rita@unm.edu
Norma Bojorquez Assistant to Chief Operating Officer 925-5500 normaj@unm.edu
Rudy Davalos Athletics Director Emeritus    
Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success FAX: 272-7122
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Henry Villegas

Associate AD / Student Development

277-1732 hvillega@unm.edu
Quinton Freeman Assistant AD / Student Development
Skiing, Tennis, Women's Golf, Men's Soccer, Baseball
277-6537 qfreeman@unm.edu
Derek Johnson Student Success Manager
277-6538 dereknjohnson@unm.edu
Faith Mikalonis Student Success Manager
Women's Soccer, Men's Golf Swimming & Diving, Volleyball, SAAC, Life Skills
277-8963 fmikalon@unm.edu
Brian Ferguson Student Success Manager
Cross Country/Track & Field, Women's Basketball
277-0721 bferg@unm.edu
Natalie Williams Student Success Manager
Men's Basketball, Softball
277-6536 williamsn@unm.edu
Jesse Duran Football Advising Intern 277-1573 jdduran@unm.edu
Chris Baca Learning Strategist 277-8964 chbaca@unm.edu
James Gehrke Learning Specialist Intern TBA jgehrke@unm.edu
Valerie Valle Clinical Psychologist 277-0373 or 277-3136 valvalle@unm.edu
TBA Administrative Assistant 277-3154 TBA
Alumni Lettermen's Association FAX: 277-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Madison Warren Executive Director 925-5905 mwarren@unm.edu
Athletic Performance FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ben Hilgart Director (Football) 925-5665 bhilgart@unm.edu
Joaquin Chavez Associate Director (VB, WSOC, MGolf, M/W Skiing, S&D) 925-5665 smartbob@unm.edu
TBA Senior Assistant (WBB, SB, WTEN) 925-1564 TBA
Jeremy Anderson Assistant (Men's Basketball, WGolf) 925-5665 jcanderson@unm.edu
Ryan Dupre Assistant (M/W T&F, M/W XC, MSOC, BB, MTEN) 925-5665 rcdupre@unm.edu
Kyle Kudrna Assistant (Football) 925-5225 kkudrna@unm.edu
Amity Livingston Graduate Assistant (Olympic sports) 925-5665 alivin02@unm.edu
Kasey Carrier Intern (Football) 925-5225 kcarrier@unm.edu
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Chad Simons Director 277-4036 simochad@unm.edu
Baseball FAX: 925-5734
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ray Birmingham Head Coach 925-5721 RayBirm@unm.edu
Ken Jacome Assistant Coach 925-5721 KJacome@unm.edu
Buddy Gouldsmith Assistant Coach 925-5721 TBA
Basketball - Men's FAX: 925-5759
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Craig Neal Head Coach 925-5750 LoboBB@unm.edu
Chris Harriman Associate Head Coach 925-5750 charriman@unm.edu
Alan Huss Assistant Coach 925-5750 ahuss@unm.edu
Terrence Rencher Assistant Coach 925-5750 trencher@unm.edu
Cody Hopkins Director of Basketball Operations 925-5568 codyhopkins@unm.edu
Ben Sanders Video Coordinator 925-5588 benfsanders@unm.edu
Chris Birmingham Administrative Assistant 925-5750 cnevitte@unm.edu
Basketball - Women's FAX: 925-5779
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Yvonne Sanchez Head Coach 925-5770 chez15@unm.edu
Anthony Turner Assistant Coach 925-5775 turnera@unm.edu
Joseph Anders Assistant Coach 925-5776 jande15@unm.edu
Amy Beggin Assistant Coach 925-5772 abeggin@unm.edu
Jourdan Erskine Director of Basketball Operations 925-5787 jerskine@unm.edu
Vera Jo Bustos Video Coordinator 925-5787 vbustos@unm.edu
LoriAnn Salgado Administrative Assistant 925-5770 loriann@unm.edu
Business Office FAX: 925-5559
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Yvonne Otts Financial Analyst 925-5554 yotts@unm.edu
Kaley Espindola HR Department Representative 925-5552 kaleyk@unm.edu
Keni Banos Assistant 925-5556 troncosa@unm.edu
Robbin Garcia Assistant 925-5551 robg@unm.edu
Rolanda Pana Assistant  925-5612 ropana@unm.edu
Jon Haarlow Program Specialist 925-5824 jhaarlow@unm.edu
Brenda Kniffin Anthony Travel 925-5641 brendakniffin@anthonytravel.com
Communications   FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Frank Mercogliano Assistant AD/Communications
Football, Skiing
925-5520 (410-4844 cell) fmercog@unm.edu
Matt Ensor Associate Director
Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer
925-5520 (541-513-6627 cell) mensor@unm.edu
Chelsey Chamberlain Assistant Director 
Women's Basketball, Softball
925-5520 (541-761-0358 cell) chamberlainc@unm.edu
Terry Kelly Assistant Director
Men's Soccer, Baseball
925-5520 (408-829-9224 cell) terrykelly@unm.edu
Mike Mulcahy Assistant Director
Track & Field, Cross Country,
Volleyball, Beach Volleyball

925-5520 (505-379-2029 cell)

TBA Student Assistant 925-5520 TBA
TBA Student Assistant 925-5520 TBA
TBA Student Assistant 925-5520 TBA
TBA Student Assistant 925-5520 TBA
Compliance FAX: 925-5845
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dawn Martinez Associate AD/Compliance 925-5835 dsheyka@unm.edu
TBA Director of Compliance 925-5840 TBA
Concessions & Catering (Sodexo Sports & Leisure) FAX: 925-5942
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tom Winter General Manager 925-5920 tom.winter@sodexo.com
Elgie Harris Culinary Manager/ Catering 925-1575 elgie.harris@sodexo.com
Tomas Vargas Concession Supervisor 924-0417 tomas.vardes@sodexo.com
Patrice Miller Administrative Assistant 925-5920 patrice.miller@sodexo.com
Development/Lobo Club FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Stuart Starner Senior Associate AD/Development 925-2582
Jon Burkett Assistant AD/Development 925-5900


Ed Manzanares Assistant AD/Premium Seating & Special Projects 925-5607 Ed.Manzanares@unmfund.org
Kole McKamey Assistant AD/Major Gifts 925-5017 kole.mckamey@unmfund.org
Ciara Martinez Director of Annual Giving 925-5908 cmarti24@unm.edu
Alan Dils Development Officer, Men's Tennis 228-1217 aldils@aol.com
Valerie Arbogast Financial Coordinator 925-5902 valarbo@unm.edu
Chelsea Redmond Donor Services Coordinator 925-5901 chelsea7@unm.edu
Norma Bojorquez Assistant to Chief Operating Officer & Lobo Club 925-5014 normaj@unm.edu
Equipment Room FAX: 925-5559
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jacquelyn May Equipment Operations Manager 925-5774 jmmay@unm.edu
Chris Schieder Operations Specialist/Football 925-5661 cschieder@unm.edu
Liz Romero Assistant Manager/General 925-5660 equipmnt@unm.edu
Events Management FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Michael Haggerty Assistant AD/Events 925-5608 haggerty@unm.edu
Chris Tafoya Events Parking Supervisor 925-5608 noah22@unm.edu
Facilities FAX: 925-5955
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Scott Dotson Associate AD/Facilities 925-5925 scottd@unm.edu
Matt McKernan Assistant Director 925-5954 McKMatt@unm.edu
Steven Scaggs Coordinator/Sports & Events 925-5956 sscaggs@unm.edu
Tim Doyle Fields Manager 925-5953 tcdoyle@unm.edu
Kris Kollander Field Tech 925-5953  
Ross Lucero Field Tech 925-5953  
Damacio Maestas Field Tech 925-5953  
Nick Wood Field Tech 925-5953  
Leroy Tapia Mechanic 925-5957  
Alberto Vazquez-Bolivar Lead Custodian 925-5954 avazquez@unm.edu
Caroline Thomas Custodian 925-5954  
Football FAX: 925-5719
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Davie Head Coach 925-5700 cnevitte@unm.edu
Bob DeBesse Quarterbacks/Offensive Coordinator 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Scott Baumgartner Wide Receivers 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Clay Davie Tight Ends 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Jason Lenzmeier Offensive Line 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Apollo Wright Running Backs/Special Teams Coordinator 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Kevin Cosgrove Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Al Simmons Cornerbacks 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Charles McMillian Safeties 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Barry Sacks Defensive Line 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Ben Hilgart Athletic Performance Director 925-5525 lobofb@unm.edu
LaMar Bratton Graduate Assistant - Offense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Mitchell Kleinschrodt Graduate Assistant - Offense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Andrew Aho Graduate Assistant - Defense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Ivan Cordova Graduate Assistant - Defense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Kyle Kudrna Assistant Athletic Performance 925-5525 loboga@unm.edu
David Guthrie Intern - Athletic Performance 925-5525 TBA
Brian DeSpain Football Operations 925-5700 bdespain@unm.edu
Chris Crooks Video Coordinator 925-5718 lobofb@unm.edu
Paul Kasero Videographer 925-5718  
Josh Sternquist Director of Recruiting 925-5888 lobofb@unm.edu
Trent Martin Director of Player Personnel 925-5700 TBA
TBA Office Administrator 925-5700 TBA
Golf - Men's FAX: 277-1470
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Glen Millican Head Coach 505-604-4786 glenmillican@unm.edu
Drew McGee Assistant Coach 940-456-1291 drewmcgee@unm.edu
Wright Zimmerly Volunteer Coach 505-836-4449 wrightzimm@comcast.net
Golf - Women's FAX: 277-1470
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jill Trujillo Head Coach 505-235-5590 jktpro@unm.edu
Britney Choy Assistant Coach 505-277-4527 britneychoy@unm.edu
Lobo Sports Properties FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kyle James General Manager 925-5605 kjames@lobosportsproperties.com
Chris Holland Assistant General Manager 925-5633 cholland@lobosportsproperties.com
Suzanne Rosell Senior Account Executive 925-5601 srosell@lobosportsproperties.com
David Fatzinger Account Executive 925-5832 dfatzinger@lobosportsproperties.com
Jessica Otero Sales Coordinator 925-5753 jotero@lobosportsproperties.com
Lobo Tennis Club FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Scott Director 925-5991 lobo10s_bob@yahoo.com
LoboTV FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kasey Byers Producer 925-5512 kbyers@unm.edu
Nathaniel Wilson Assistant Producer 925-5854 nwilson9@unm.edu
TBA Assistant Producer TBA TBA
Marketing & Revenue Generation FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Brad Hutchins Senior Associate AD/Marketing & Revenue Generation 925-5606 hutchins@unm.edu
Drew Ingraham Assistant AD/ Marketing & Sales 925-5621 dingraham@unm.edu 
Joe Gehling GM, Ticket Sales 925-1620 jgehling@unm.edu
TBA Account Executive, Ticket Sales 925-5743 TBA
Jon Washington Marketing Assistant 925-5909 jwashing@unm.edu
Stella-Marie Akindayomi

Marketing Assistant

925-5742 sakinday@unm.edu
Skiing FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Fredrik Landstedt Head Ski Coach 277-5423 landsted@unm.edu
TBA Student Assistant Nordic Coach 277-5423 TBA
Joe Downing Alpine Head Coach 277-5423 downingj@unm.edu
TBA Volunteer Student Assistant Alpine Coach 277-5423 TBA
Soccer - Men's FAX: 925-5729
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeremy Fishbein Head Coach 925-5726 lobosocr@unm.edu
Paul Souders Associate Head Coach 925-5727 souders@unm.edu
Mike Graczyk Assistant Coach 925-5728 mgraczyk@unm.edu
Travis Campbell Director of Operations 925-1558 travisc006@gmail.com
Soccer - Women's FAX: 925-5756
Heather Dyche Head Coach 925-5760 HeatherD@unm.edu
Missy Strasburg Assistant Coach 925-5760 missys@unm.edu
Karley Nelson Assistant Coach 925-5760 karleyn@unm.edu
Brad Keller Director of Operations 925-5760 brkeller@unm.edu
Softball FAX: 925-5815
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Erica Beach Head Coach 925-5814 beache@unm.edu
Lisa-Ann Wallace Assistant Coach 925-5813 lawallace@unm.edu
Spirit Program FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kelly Grice Community Relations & Spirit Program Coordinator 925-5613 unmspirit@unm.edu
Stephanie Sherwood Dance Coach 925-5613 unmspirit@unm.edu
Robbie Rodriguez Dance Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Dustin Truitt Co-Ed Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Tabitha Griego Co-Ed Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Jodie Garcia All-Girl Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Amber Lazo All-Girl Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Swimming & Diving FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kunio Kono Head Coach 277-4472 kkono71@unm.edu
Julie Weddle Head Diving Coach 277-4472 weddlej@unm.edu
Aimee Dunavant Assistant Swimming Coach 277-2208 adunavant@unm.edu
Tennis - Men's FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bart Scott Head Coach 340-5456 bas@unm.edu
Ben Dunbar Graduate Assistant Coach 850-5720 bdunbar@unm.edu
Tennis - Women's FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kelcy McKenna Head Coach 925-1612 kmckenna@unm.edu
TBA Assistant Coach 925-5732 TBA
Ticketing (Lobo Ticket Office in The Pit) FAX: 925-5639
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Mark Koson Associate AD/Director, Ticketing Services 925-5626 tixman@unm.edu
Kim Goodson Associate Director 925-5626 hobbsan@unm.edu
Leason ("Lea") Cherry Office Coordinator - The Pit 925-5626 lcherry@unm.edu
Carissa Clark Ticket Sales - The Pit 925-5626 cclark5@unm.edu
Ken Elliott Operations Manager - Bookstore 277-4569 jstrw@unm.edu
Kristi Gore Ticket Sales - Bookstore 277-4569 kgore@unm.edu
Victoria Chavez Ticket Sales - The Pit/Bookstore 925-5626  
Gloria Plumlee Ticket Sales - The Pit 925-5626  
Gideon Schumpelt Tech Assistant 925-5626  
Adam Peters Tech Assistant 925-5626  
Chris Owen Office Coordinator - Bookstore 277-4569 carousel@unm.edu
Diego Trujillo Unit IT Support Manager 925-5626 diegot@unm.edu
Track & Field/Cross Country FAX: 925-5585
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Joe Franklin Head Coach 925-5735 jbfrankl@unm.edu
Rodney Zuyderwyk Associate Head Coach / Track & Field 925-5738 rzuyderw@unm.edu
TBA Associate Head Coach / Cross-Country 925-5737 TBA
TBA Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 925-5585 TBA
Rich Ceronie Assistant Coach / Home Meet Director (513) 593-0269 rceronie@unm.edu
Training Room FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Waller Head Athletics Trainer
925-5547 rwaller@unm.edu
Craig Hendrickson Athletic Trainer
925-5546 chendr01@unm.edu
Andrea Quintana Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball
925-1566 aquint14@unm.edu
Corey DeBarbrie Athletic Trainer
Men's Basketball
925-1565 cdebarbrie@unm.edu
Robert Rimorin Athletic Trainer
925-5548 robrim3@unm.edu
Susan McGowen ATEP Curriculum Director/Johnson Center 277-0430 yorex@unm.edu
Kate Zimmerman Graduate Assistant/Johnson Center
277-5307 kazimm@unm.edu 
Rebekah McFann Graduate Assistant/Johnson Center
Swimming & Diving
277-5307 rmcfann@unm.edu 

Sarah Bair

Graduate Assistant
Track and Field
925-5540 sbair1@unm.edu 
Keith Cross Graduate Assistant
Men's Soccer
925-5548 kcross1@unm.edu
Steven Plourde Graduate Assistant
925-5540 splourde2@unm.edu
Jeremy Cobb Graduate Assistant
925-5540 jc2035@unm.edu 
Nick Medina Graduate Assistant
925-5548 Nickmedina@unm.edu
TBA Graduate Assistant
925-5548 TBA
TBA Graduate Assistant
Women's Soccer
925-5548 TBA
Shandiin Copeland Graduate Assistant
Spirit & Dance
925-5548 Shandiin@unm.edu
Rolanda Pana Administrative Assistant (evenings) 925-5541 ropana@unm.edu
Becky Freeman Clinical Sports Nutritionist 925-5657 bfreeman@unm.edu
Training Room - Team Doctors FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. Andy Veitch Head Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-1350 aveitch@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Ann Gately Team Physician/Family Practice 272-6492 agateley@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Robert Schenck Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-1350 rschenck@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Dan Wascher Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-6495 dwascher@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Gehron Treme Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-4107 gtreme@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Chris McGrew Team Physician/Sports Medicine and Family Medicine 272-2165 cmcgrew@salud.unm.edu
TBA Nurse/Training Room Clinic 925-5543 TBA
Eric Beck Office Coordinator 925-5530 ebeck@salud.unm.edu
Volleyball FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Nelson Head Coach 277-3804 jjnelson@unm.edu
Pauline Manser Assistant Coach 277-6291 TBA
JJ Glavan Assistant Coach 277-2314 jglavan@unm.edu
Allison Buck Director of Operations 277-0102 abuck01@unm.edu
David Buchholz Volleyball League Director 277-2472 vbleague@unm.edu

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