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NAIA Eligibility Center Launches InCred Evaluation Service

May 28, 2015
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By Angela Crawford, Manager of Marketing and Communications

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – With its extensive experience in conducting evaluations of international student academic records, the NAIA Eligibility Center has launched InCred, a credential evaluation service for international students that streamlines the reviews for both admissions and athletic eligibility into a cost-effective process.

“The experience our international team has gained in evaluating unique educational paths of student-athletes from more than 200 countries, along with our partnership with AACRAO IES, enables students’ credential evaluations to be issued promptly and with the highest level of expertise,” said Jim Carr, NAIA President and CEO.

InCred is the only international credential evaluation that provides consistency between the athlete’s NAIA Eligibility Center review and a credential evaluation.

A credential evaluation assists students, admissions officers, registrars and other university staff in determining how international education compares with the U.S. system for the purpose of admissions and conversion of credits and grades.

Schools that allow their international students to use InCred for credential evaluation will realize several benefits:

  • They will save students time and money because InCred allows for the electronic submission of documents. Records sent to InCred can also be used for NAIA Eligibility Center determinations and vice versa.
  • Compared with other credential evaluation services, InCred offers competitive pricing.
  • InCred evaluators specialize in NAIA eligibility, so there will be consistency between the credential evaluation and eligibility determination.
  • InCred Evaluations can be purchased prior to the release of a student’s eligibility determination, which provides access to many of the academic factors that affect international student-athletes’ eligibility at the time recruiting decisions are made.

"The NAIA Registrar's Association is excited to support the launch of InCred Evaluations. We believe InCred will help international student-athletes consolidate and expedite the eligibility, admissions and transfer credit processes,” said Heidi Hoskinson, Past Chair of the NAIA Registrars Association. “We strongly encourage campuses that recruit international student-athletes to accept InCred Evaluations on their campuses, especially given the partnership that InCred has initiated with AACRAO. AACRAO IES is recognized as a leader in international credential evaluation which makes this a sound partnership for registrars and admissions officers to rally behind in service of student-athletes in the NAIA."

Students using the InCred service may select from one of two evaluation levels: a basic evaluation and a course-by-course evaluation. The basic evaluation is typically required for students without university-level courses or for admissions purposes. The course-by-course evaluation is typically required for transfer credit reviews or by the Registrar’s Office.

For more information, including pricing and contact information, visit the InCred website.