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International Student Updates: New Website Features

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March 14, 2014
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Announcing New Website Materials for International Students on

The NAIA Eligibility Center has updated its website with new resources for international students. Read below for highlights of the changes and then visit the international student dropdown on to check out the new resources.


Class Rank

Our new International Student Class Rank page includes information to help international secondary schools understand the Eligibility Center class ranking requirements.

An International Class Rank Submission Form has been created as a tool for international secondary schools. This tool can be printed from our website and provided to the international student’s secondary school/high school. The Principal or Headmaster is asked to read the requirements and sign the document certifying that they understand the requirements.  

A new checklist is included to ensure that class rank letters are sent to the Eligibility Center properly. For a class rank letter to be accepted, you MUST be able to answer “yes” to each of the following questions:

  1. Is the letter being sent directly from the secondary school or is it being placed in a school envelope and sealed/signed by the school official before you or someone else puts it in the mail?
  2. Does the letter include contact information from the Principal/Headmaster and is the letter written on school letterhead?
  3. Is the letter written by the Headmaster, Principal or Director (not deputy, vice, assistant, secretary, etc.) and originally signed?
  4. Does the letter include the student's numerical placement out of the total number of students in the graduating cohort?
  5. Is the letter written in the Headmaster or Principal's native language and accompanied by a literal, English translation (if applicable)?
  6. Is your class rank letter accompanied by the Class Rank Covering Letter and signed by your Headmaster?

Additionally, a sample international class rank letter is included to illustrate the requirements.


Published Standards

The NAIA International Academic Standards are country-by-country guides that the Eligibility Center uses in its determinations for international students. These published standards now include 18 recently added countries:


The Gambia











Czech Republic

International Baccalaureate (IB)


Costa Rica

New Zealand


And more…

Additional links have been added to the International Students section to allow students and coaches to navigate requirements more easily. Details about eligibility requirements, frequently asked questions, and more are now easily accessible.

You can find all of this information on by hovering over the “International Students” tab in the yellow bar near the top of the page. 

For questions related to international students, please contact the NAIA Eligibility Center’s International Team by calling 1-816-595-8300 and press “2” or email at