ODU Rowing Records One Win In Spring Opener

April 04, 2009
By ODU Athletics

April 4, 2009

Clemson, S.C. - The ODU rowing team began its spring season Saturday morning at Clemson and the Lady Monarchs came away with one win out of four races. 


In the first race of the morning, the Lady Monarchs took first place in the Novice 8 with a lineup consisting of six freshmen, two novice rowers and a novice coxswain.  ODU posted a time of 7:08.9, five seconds ahead of the Tigers (7:13.2).  The Lady Monarchs went out quickly and cleared Clemson's A boat by 500 meters. At the thousand meters Clemson took a 15 and moved up three seats, but ODU answered the move well and pulled back through to win.


In the Varsity 4, ODU had another solid start in the three boat race. At the thousand meter point, Clemson's A, which last week won two of three races at the PAC-10 Challenge in California, was out in front while ODU and Clemson B were battling for second. The Lady Monarchs made a strong move at the thousand and rowed through Clemson B and stayed solidly in second through the finish line (Clemson A 7:46.7, ODU 7:56.0, Clemson B 7:59.9. ).


In the 2V race ODU's boat was comprised of four novices and four freshmen and a novice coxswain, half of whom raced once already that morning. Clemson's 1N8 boat moved out early with ODU and Clemson's 3V battling for second.  ODU and Clemson 3V fought hard down the course with ODU finishing 3rd.


The V8 was significant for ODU because it was made up of three athletes from the V4 and five from the F/N8 making it the second race within one hour.  On the other hand, both of Clemson's V8s were on their first and only race of the day.   All three boats came off the start well, but Clemson's boats took early leads rowing at around 34 spm to ODU's 31 spm, and never looked back.


"We were really happy with today's results," said head coach Heather Weisel. "The Frosh win was very important for us and the V4 raced so well against a much more seasoned crew. We are so grateful to the Clemson team and the coaching staff for having us down. This was an incredible race for us as a first year program. "   


Race Results:


Race 1

ODU N8             7:08.9

Clemson N8      7:13.16

Clemson 2N8    7:47.5


Race 2

Clemson V4     7:46.7

ODU V4           7:56.0

Clemson 2V4   7:59.9


Race 3

Clemson N8      7:08.8

Clemson 3V8    7:21.6

ODU 2V8          7:27.8

Clemson 2N8   7:42.7


Race 4

Clemson V8       6:35.81

Clemson 2V8     6:45.25

ODU V8             7:04.43


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