(Dover, Del.) – The Delaware State athletic department held its annual Athletic Director Breakfast event Saturday morning to honor 55 student-athletes, who will receive their undergraduate degrees during next week’s commencement ceremony.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our student-athletes and what they’ve accomplished not only in the field of competition, but also in the classroom,” said Director of Athletics Louis “Skip” Perkins.  “Between balancing class work and the rigorous days of training and competing, student-athletes are in a world of the own.  The amount of sacrifice and dedication these young people put in on a day-to-day basis really puts them in an elite category.”

In attendance were numerous DSU athletic administrators, coaches and faculty members.  More importantly, keynote speaker Dr. Charlie Wilson provided a moving speech to help encourage the graduating student-athletes. 

“My message to the graduates was to simply apply what they learned as a student-athlete here at Delaware State to the next phase of their lives,” said Wilson, who is in his first year as DSU’s Faculty Athletic Representative.  “You have to attack every phase of life as if you’re competing on the basketball court, football field, baseball diamond, soccer field, tennis court or even the equestrian trail. Be aggressive, take charge and lead by example.”

Below is the full list of graduating DSU student-athletes:


Demont Cook

Willie Bolden

Esayah Obado

J.R. Robinson

Nagee Jackson

Terrick Colston

Elbie Williams III

Gabriel Sherrod

Nick Nelson

Malik Golson

Trey Hall

Jacob Tizzard

Jamal Douglas

Tarique Anderson

Xavier Jones


Miranda Hawkins

Rhian Sellars


Jasmine Jackson

Amanda McAfee


Brooke Moore

Vanessa Rabito

Tiffany Lee

Alexis Gratowski


Brook Foster

Suchada Anusuriya

Aisha Peete

Men’s Basketball

Aric Dickerson

Larry Haley

Women’s Basketball

N’Kayah Kersey

Nikkei Blackburn

Men’s Track and Field

Nick Henry

Charles Wulff-Cochrane

Alpha Mansaray

Women’s Track & Field

Janae Wilson

Shalayah Sidney

Nojai Veras

Ashely Robinson

Maria Gwengi


Danielle Valente

Morgan Durham

Tere’ Crawford

Taylor Addison

Kymberly Brewton

Julia Bossert


Maja Banas

Vanja Andonova


Ryanne Tyler


Jordan Stamps

Nicole Gazzola

Rochelle Sablay

Sandy Hawthorne

 Nkili Matthews

Chloe Oro


Sam Barber

Cameron Onderko
Delaware State cheerleading