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Courtesy: Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement (ACE) Program
ACE in China 2019 Team
2019 ACE Class Checks in From China, South Africa
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 07/31/2019
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DURHAM, N.C. – Throughout the summer, student-athletes participating in The Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement Program are sharing reflections from their experiences abroad. This week, Duke and Stanford ACE participants check in from China and South Africa.  


A Small Impact
By Jazmine Moreno (Duke Softball) - #ACEinSouthAfrica

As I look back on my three weeks in South Africa, I can think of so many things to talk about that have left an impression on me. However, in particular, I think about the kids we were worked with at the camp and how accepting, loving, and caring they were. The kids looked out for one another. More

A Small Piece of a Larger Puzzle
By Jameson Kavel (Duke Softball) - #ACEinSouthAfrica

After talking to a lot of different people with different stories, we all began to see our purpose in a much bigger light. Everyone we talked to was super positive and explained that there is a lot of value in members of the community meeting people of a different culture. They may never go to see another culture, so they get to see how we interact and be absorbed in ours for three weeks in their own community. More

Deeper than the Surface of Volunteering
By Sarah Nelson (Duke Volleyball) - #ACEinSouthAfrica

This township and these people taught me the importance of relationships and friendships. Their selfless mentality is something I find very important and rewarding. This gave me a different perspective on the important things and people in my life. At the root of everything, helping and support are essential, and the Xhosa culture showed me an example of this love and selfless form of sharing. More

A Welcoming Community
By Michael Ungvarsky (Duke Men's Cross Country and Track & Field) - #ACEinSouthAfrica

The owners of the center we worked at were excited to see us and thanked us for what we were doing. The children would stand at the gate and wave when our van entered each morning. They also were quick to teach us games and invite us to join them. The same can be said for the many creative handshakes created during our two weeks running the sports camp. When we worked with the adults during our women’s empowerment and first aid workshops, the adults were eager to soak up as much information from us as they could during those five days. More

ACE in China 2019: A Day in the Life
By Noah Vigran (Stanford Men's Swimming and Diving) and Matthias Frick (Duke Men's Soccer) - #ACEinChina

Every morning, we hold a camp for the local kids. The camp is supposed to start at 9 am, but we hear the kids’ running and laughter throughout the CERS Center as we eat at around 8:30. From then until noon, we run the camp with the kids. The main goal of the camp is to teach the children English, while having lots of fun along the way. More

Connecting With Culture
By Nathaniel Hartley (Duke Men's Swimming and Diving) and Carolina Sculti (Stanford Women's Swimming and Diving) - #ACEinChina

The chance to experience these rich cultural sites and explore the biodiversity of Shangri-La has allowed us to better understand and connect with our campers as well as the local community members and CERS staff. More

Connecting with the Kids
By Areta Buness (Stanford Women's Lacrosse) and Josh Romine (Duke Men's Cross Country and Track & Field) - #ACEinChina

The connection between the ACE team members and the children also strengthens the partnership between CERS and the community. Each morning we look forward to the kids’ radiant positivity and joy. Despite the kids wearing us down all morning in basketball, soccer, and tag, we still find energy to explore the vibrant surrounding city and breathtaking natural environment. More

Training Time: Rising 10,000 Feet above the Competition
By Madison Dunk (Duke Women's Lacrosse) and Kate Littlejohn (Stanford Women's Rowing) - #ACEinChina

At just over 10,000 feet in altitude, training here in Shangri-La can be as simple as walking up a flight of stairs. While adjusting to the high altitude did take several days, our team has begun to find its groove with regards to maintaining and developing our fitness. Motivated by our dedicated cross country and track running fanatics, Alex and Josh, who never fail to finish a casual 10+ mile run before breakfast, we are all enjoying exploring how our fellow student-athletes train for their respective sports. More

Meet the ACE in China 2019 Team
By Jordan Fong (Stanford Women's Track & Field) and Alex Miley (Duke Men's Cross Country and Track & Field) - #ACEinChina

The 2019 summer theme is “hands,” and we’re going “#HandsIn! to show the way that hands connect us through teamwork and sports. Check out how this ACE team is “#HandsIn” this summer on their experience! More