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Player Spotlight : Isaiah Wong

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Isaiah Wong (2019, We R1) has become one of the hottest names on the East Coast. From Albright to Spooky Nook his top level athleticism and play making abilities has proven he is one of the best guards in the country.

HG: For someone who has never seen you play before, tell me about your game.

IW: I am good in transition and making plays. I like to shoot and play an all around game.

HG: How has the tournament competition been for you? How has the experience been?

IW: Experience has been good. There are a lot of elite players here, a lot of good players. Every possession you have something to worry about.

HG: Tell me about your recruiting process been so far?

IW: Recruiting process is good. I have coaches calling me daily just to check up on me and my family.

HG: What do you think you bring to a college program?

IW: I bring a lot of versatility. I can be a good playmaker and shooter at the sametime. If they name me as a point guard I can be a point guard. If they need me as a scoring guard I can be a shooting guard. I am flexible.

HG: Other than basketball, what are your hobbies?

IW: I like video games. I play fort nite and 2K but thats really it.

HG: Are you interested in any other sports?

IW: I play pool with my brothers. Me and my brothers also like to go competitive bowling, I am pretty good. My mom used to play in bowling tournaments and she’ll play with us sometimes. I better once or twice.

HG: You guys had quite a crowd around during the Team Melo game. What is it like playing in front of crowds like that? Do you enjoy it?

IW: I like playing infant of big crowds. Thats what I want to do in college. I think I play better in front of crowds.