Skill Development is now a foreign practice for many players.

Basketball has become a sport where the number of game hours are far surpassing the number of hours spent working on their craft. You wouldn't want your son or daughter to take a test at school, without ample amount of studying, so why should players play in game after game without practicing their skills?

Contrary to popular belief of many other basketball camps, Hoop Group Skills Camp understands that practice and skill development workouts are where a player learns the skills and techniques of the game, and game-play is their platform to showcase the results of their hard work and dedication. Hoop Group Skills Camp provides players the best environment (15 full-courts, distraction-free setting, and coaches who love to teach the game), and instruction (high school coaches, college coaches, and college players will be coaching campers) to improve their game.

Our innovative teaching program, proven over 55 years of camp experience, provides players the perfect balance of instruction and competition to improve their game. The players who succeed in basketball are the ones that understand the amount of hours and repetitions it takes on the court to perform at their highest level. Successful players understand they need to be properly coached & critiqued to correct their mistakes to make them a more efficient player.

Our dedicated and experienced staff will give you the building blocks to succeed, with two skill development sessions each day. Every morning of camp begins with an optional Early Bird Workout, from 7:15am-8:15am, for the players looking for even more time on the courts. Our guest lectures and demonstrations will put you in front of the best minds our game has to offer, including Hall of Fame coaches Bob Hurley, and Herb Magee, as well as other notable coaches Tobin Anderson (STAC), Joe Mantegna (Blair Academy), Pat Kennedy (499 Division I wins), Steve Rosenberry (Front Office, Portland Trailblazers) and more!


  • America's #1 Instructional Basketball Camp, with over 5 decades of teaching excellence
  • Longest Running Basketball Camp in the U.S.
  • 2 full-time camp directors that have coaching experience at the AAU, High School and College levels
  • Camp Coaching staff consists of current College and High School coaches, along with college players and managers, giving campers different perspectives of the game, from experienced and passionate coaches.