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Q&A with 2021 #1 Prospect Jonathan Kuminga - Thoughts on his transition and upcoming season with TPS

By Pat Lawless

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Jonathan Kuminga sits down with HG Insider's Pat Lawless at Fall High School Showcase to discuss his break into New Jersey basketball along with expectations for himself and The Patrick School this season.

Q: You guys just won by a large margin. You guys look great out there. What did you think about the performance of your team and from yourself?

A: I think we did great. We have just been working hard and together. We really know each other now so we are starting to work together as a team.

Q: What has your transition been like to a new school at The Patrick School?

A: It hasn't really been too hard because I am used to playing with new people, so just fitting myself in.

Q: You really are evolving with your game. You saw in the past AAU season with the NY Renaissance. What has that process been like for you? Taking on different challenges and becoming more of a leader because you are going to have to be a big leader on this team.

A: So that is the thing I have been working on. Like just being a leader. Help my team. Help everybody. Just been working hard.

Q: What has been the most recent thing you have been adding to your game?

A: I think my passing skills.

Q: This is your first year playing in New Jersey, right? I am sure you have heard a lot of big things about New Jersey basketball. What excites to about playing those New Jersey powerhouses and around this area in the upcoming season?

A: I mean I can't wait. I heard a lot of people talking about it before I transferred. So I am looking forward to playing and just going out there and kill it.

Q: A lot of people are naming you the #1 prospect. I am sure you try to just focus on what matters but why do you think you are the number one? Why do you think you are different than everybody else right now?

A: First I think I am different because I play defense. I can play defense against a lot of people. Pretty much defense first.

Q: What are people going to see out of Jonathan Kuminga this High School Season?

A: They are going to see a lot. I don't know how else to say it, but they are just going to see a lot.

Q: What are your goals?

A: My goal is to win. To go to Geico and win and just perform well in Jersey.

Q: The goal for a lot of New Jersey teams is a TOC. I am sure you guys have been discussing it. What has to be done for you guys to accomplish that?

A: We just have to keep working as a team and it is going to be easy for us to win.

Jonathan Kuminga returns with The Patrick School December 21st to take on The Hun School in NJ Tip-Off Showcase.

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