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Get Recruited by College Coaches: 7 tips for the serious student-athlete

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Do not let your recruitment fall off during the High School Basketball season. It can be difficult to spark or maintain college coaches' interest throughout the high school and college basketball season. If your school is not one of the top programs in your conference or state, you can get lost in the shuffle. Although college coaches from all three levels are able to attend scheduled High School games, it becomes difficult to balance their own practice and game schedule with recruiting on the road. Stay in coaches' sights by following these 7 Tips to Maintain your College Recruitment through the High School Season.
1. Send Coaches a Player Bio.
Gather stats, academic info, pictures, and a highlight tape to send to Coaches of schools that meet your Academic and Athletic Criteria.
2. Focus on playing well and winning games!!!
Coaches recruit winners and the deeper in the playoffs your team goes the more opportunity you give yourself to be seen.
3. Have professionalism in your communication with Coaches. 
Respond to emails, texts, calls properly and in a timely manner.  Carry yourself as a young man/woman.
4. Build Study Habits!! 
Good Study Habits = Higher Grades = Opportunity 
5. Develop your “Game-plan”.
Research schools, get to local college games and FIND YOUR LEVEL.  Get help from the people with your best interest at hand.
6. See what’s out there. 
Visit schools and meet different coaches as much as you can!  All campuses and colleges have their own uniqueness.
7. Research showcases and exposure events. 
Be ready to compete and showcase how you can help a college program.