Best Exercises To Perform To Physically Prepare For A Game
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Best Exercises To Perform To Physically Prepare For A Game

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Basketball is a physically demanding game that necessitates a significant degree of physical exertion. Therefore, it is often imperative for participants to properly prepare their muscles and bones prior to a contest.

As a company dedicated to teaching youths how to get better at basketball and sponsoring a variety of programs, tournaments and clinics for individuals of all ages and skills, Hoop Group would like to highlight key exercises basketball players should engage in before competing in game conditions.

Basketball players use numerous regions of the body throughout a game. Physicians and exercise experts suggest these athletes perform physical activities that loosen and strengthen the following areas:

Back Exercises

A strong back is vital for crucial basketball related skills like shooting and rebounding. Healthcare professionals recommend that basketball players lie on the floor with both back and legs flat, extending the knee of one leg to the chest and repeating the action with the other limb. This stretching exercise strengthens the back muscles.

Calf Exercises

Calves are important for regulating proper leg movement. Leg strength and agility are vital to the extensive amount of running and jumping basketball players do during games. Exercise experts suggest players can strengthen and stretch their calves by leaning against a wall, placing their forearms against the structure, placing their heads in their hands, and extending their knee to the wall while keeping the other leg straight. Once this process is completed with one leg, the same procedure should be followed for the other limb.

Arm Exercises

The arms are vital to shooting, rebounding, passing and defending. Weak or compromised arm strength can render a player a liability on both offense and defense. Fortunately, arm strength can be maintained simply by waving them in circles consistently for a minute or two. This action stimulates blood flow, which properly ignites the muscles, bones, and soft tissues within these limbs.

Hamstring Exercises

Few bodily structures are more vital to basketball players than the hamstrings, which are muscles located and extend through the back of the legs. When not properly stimulated, these structures can commonly become pulled. Not only are pulled hamstrings painful, but they can significantly hinder an athlete's ability to run or jump and can take an extended period of time to heal. An easy way athletes can stretch hamstring muscles is sitting on the floor with their legs outstretched, then leaning forward and doing a simple toe-touch. This also helps players increase their flexibility.

Hip Exercises

The hips connect the legs to the upper body. Moreover, said structures are vital to a basketball player's ability to run, jump and stop short. Warmup exercises are performed with designs on ensuring that the hips remain flexible. That task might be accomplished by running and side stepping several times.