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Q&A with Wildwood Catholic Dynamic Duo - Taj Thweatt & Jahlil White

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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After missing a majority of the Spring and Summer HGSL live period, Jahlil White rejoined Taj Thweatt and his Wildwood Catholic teammates at Hoop Group's Fall High School Showcase. HG Insider's Pat Lawless sat down with the dynamic duo to discuss their 

Pat: You guys just had a big win over Roman Catholic, very talented team. What was it like coming away with the win?

Taj: It was a great win. We know it is the fall but we know we have to come out strong regardless at the end. Basically working on chemistry and playing together so that's what we focus on. Focus on defense and try to practice somethings while we are in this kind of showcase.

Pat: There is a big target on your back this year and I am sure you guys are aware of that. How are you guys approaching this year?

Jahlil: Same way as last year. We had a target on our back last year. The key is defense. If we don't stop nobody we are doing anything so we have to start on defense for everything. 

Pat: Whats it like taking the court with this guy (points to Taj) another year?

Jahlil: Its amazing. Its the same as last year but we are looking to take it all this year.

Pat: Same thing. Whats it like playing with Jahlil? 

Taj: He is great teammate. It sucks that we aren't going to play together so we have to take it all this year.

Pat: The season ended not as you would have necessarily wanted. I am sure that builds up and makes you want it even more this year. Your goal is obviously the TOC, how do you plan on accomplishing that?

Taj: Just playing together. Gotta focus on playing hard every game. We are going to have a target on our back every game so we just have to play hard.

Pat: Its a fall event but you guys are treating it like a winter event, you guys are still playing hard. What are you seeing from your guys out here? Do you feel good about your team out here?

Jahlil: I have all the confidence in the world in my team. I love playing with them and that's how it's going to be. We have to learn how to play together and play right.

Pat: What are people going to learn about Wildwood Catholic this high school season?

Jahlil: We are going to be the best defensive team in the state. We are always going to play hard and you're always going to get our best every game.