Preparation is Key: How Game Film Helps Teams Improve their Game

By Kaitlyn Fedor

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Photo by Production Team

Anyone who is looking to make it big in basketball understands the importance of watching game film. In preparation for an upcoming game, coaches present and review a scout for the upcoming match. They lay out the expectations and goals for your team, and review game film of the team you intend to beat in a few days. What's the purpose? Is it a waste of time? This article will discuss game films and how they can improve the performance of basketball players.

1. Learn Their Plays

One method for how to get better at basketball is to understand your opponent. Anticipating your opponent allows your team to create an organized strategy to counteract their movements rather than react. Preparation is key. When you study your opponent, you can identify their weaknesses, habits, and strengths. This gives you the advantage of knowing where to position your defense, which players pose the biggest threat, and ways to expose gaps in their defense before the initial tip.

When you watch enough film, you begin to recognize formations and patterns. You recognize the formation and can place your players in the right position to be efficient on both defensive and offensive ends of the court.

2. Identify Their Key Players

Game film allows you to identify who their key players are. Who runs their offense? Who are their shooters? Who likes to get into the lane? Who are their best defenders or rebounders? These are all variables that help create an effective defensive and offensive strategy. By recognizing who their key players are, you can properly defend and limit their impact. Camps and clinics that focus on game film and teach you breakdowns help you grow as a player and prepare you for success in higher-level basketball.

Going in blind forces you to react. You don't know where the ball is going to jump the pass. You don’t know how to react to screens. Game film can help you recognize major threats BEFORE they take over the game.

3. An Edge Over Team

While you're watching game film of a certain team, you can be sure that the other team is watching game film of your team, too. While this may be daunting, it can work to your advantage. The rival team is going to be making their defensive and offensive strategy based on what they see in the films. This allows you to surprise them.

Make up a few brand new plays that no one has seen before on your team. These surprise plays can shake the team up and make them confused about what you're doing. You can hoodwink them just enough to earn pivotal points in the game. Game films can be a great way to understand rival teams, but they can also be a great way to surprise them. Sending players to a basketball skills training camp will equip them with the endurance and ability they need to learn new plays as quickly as possible.