Thank you for your interest in Hullabaloo Band. Hullabaloo is an athletic department sponsored student organization consisting of a select group of 120 student musicians. The band is responsible for performing at all home and tournament, Aggie Volleyball and Basketball games. Membership is by audition only and open to all full time students with previous high school band experience.

  • The Hullabaloo is the official Pep Band of Texas A&M University supporting Volleyball and Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams at all home and post season tournament events
  • The 120 plus total members are divided into smaller ensemble instrumentations that alternate the game schedule to keep the organization time commitment friendly
  • Each student with confirmed placement by early August is awarded a complimentary all sports pass for participation in the band
  • Members receive Adidas band apparel and have the opportunity to travel with the teams to post season SEC Conference and NCAA Tournament games

Eligibility and Audition Procedure

  • Members must be classified as full time registered undergraduate or graduate students of Texas A&M
  • Members must have a consistent record of High School or College Band experience and perform a successful audition for the director on their principal instrument defined in the auditions requirements below.
  • Incoming freshmen should contact the director in early summer to schedule and prepare your audition while you are on campus for your New Student Conference (NSC)

Scheduling an Audition / location

The best available audition time is usually the 11 o clock hour on the second day of your conference but other times may be arranged with the director depending on availability in your conference schedule. The auditions will take place on the second floor of the Adams Band Hall which is located next to the Duncan Dining Hall on Lewis St.

Concert / Jazz Auditions

If you are planning to audition and play in a University Concert or Jazz Band, that audition may count for Hullabaloo membership, just follow the audition guidelines for those ensembles, schedule your audition with the appropriate director and notify me of that date and time. To audition for Hullabaloo only, follow the audition requirements below.

Audition Requirements: Saxophone, Trumpets and Trombone

  • Scales: Concert Bb, F, Eb and Ab major
  • Region Solo Etude: A prepared TMEA Region or comparable solo etude, 1-2 minutes in length, medium tempo or faster that best demonstrates your ability for technique and musical style on the instrument

Audition Requirements: Mellophones (in F), Baritones (bass clef) and Sousaphones

Successful Concert Auditions and placement on French Horn, Euphonium and Tuba auditions are of course accepted.

Auditions for Mellophones, Baritones and Sousaphones may only be necessary based on current availability in the section and the student’s record of high school experience on these instruments. If necessary students will perform two scales and a sight reading audition on the school provided instruments.

  • Scales: Concert Bb, F
  • Two short sight reading excerpts assigned by the director

Audition Requirements: Drum Set and Electric Bass

  • Student must demonstrate proficiency on drum set. High school jazz band and/or private lesson drum set experience is required. Students must be prepared to play strong time and fills in several given rock and funk musical settings and be able to read and follow musical charts similar to reading jazz ensemble charts.
  • Bass players must be proficient reading bass music and high school jazz band or a record of private lesson experience is required.


Mr. Chris Hollar
Director of Jazz and Athletic Pep Bands
Texas A&M University Reed Arena 326M/ P.O. Box 30017
College Station, Texas 77842-3017