Welcome to the Miami University Cheerleading Home Page! Although our program primarily focuses on co-ed stunting, we also are proud to have talented all girl members, who are driven, hardworking, and spirited, always representing the Miami motto "Love and Honor."  While Miami University Cheerleaders do not receive scholarships, the university covers the cost of all uniforms, clothing and equipment, as well as, travel and camp expenses, granting each team member the chance to experience fantastic opportunities to serve as athletic ambassadors of Miami University! Please feel free to explore our website for more information about our program!

Miami Cheerleading Tryouts for 2015-16 Squad
April 12, 2015 ~ 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ~ Millett Hall Practice Gym
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Miami Cheerleading Skill Requirements

- Standing back tuck

- Tumbling Sequence (At least running back-handspring, back tuck)

- Extensive * Co-ed* Stunting Experience (Hands, Extension, Liberty, & Stretch as basics)

- Ability to Lead Crowd

Male members of the Miami University Cheer Team are not required to, and usually do not have extensive experience of stunting/tumbling upon joining the team, but catch on extremely quickly, allowing them to be vital members of our team!

* Travel will be determined based on a point system.
* Competition will be decided by the coach and captain.

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