New Mexico

New Mexico sunset

The Land of Enchantment. Visualize picturesque landscapes carved by nature over millions of years; skies so clear and rich they soothe; majestic forests, clear, cold mountain streams and peaceful lakes; diverse peoples whose cultural traditions span hundreds and thousands of years; breathtaking sunsets of inspiring brilliance; warm and friendly people with magic in every smile; and fabulous cuisine featuring New Mexico's very own chile. This is New Mexico.

Blessed with a varied landscape of lush forests, arid deserts, rolling plains and soaring mountain ranges, New Mexico enjoys a scenic diversity unmatched in most states. No less diverse is the state's culture, a mosaic of Native American, Spanish and Anglo traditions that intermingle but never blend, much like the land around them. From the ancient ruins of the Anasazi to atomic testing ranges at beautiful White Sands, New Mexico is as distinctive as its rich cultural heritage.

Carlsbad Caverns

Cultural offerings flourish in New Mexico. Major art colonies have grown around Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos. Santa Fe also boasts an internationally recognized opera company, and all three cities have an impressive array of museums.

New Mexico's contrasting roots are evidenced by the eclectic mix of architectural styles. Adobe buildings with Spanish accents line the streets of many towns, testimony to the remarkable peoples that tamed this majestic state. Turn of the century Victorian homes and commercial buildings, century-old railroad depots, western boomtown construction and Indian pueblos, inhabited for nearly a thousand years, contribute to New Mexico's diverse streetscape.

Another appealing facet is the varied recreational scene. From white-water rafting and hang gliding to hiking and fishing, New Mexico's lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts and forests provide a wealth of outdoor activities.

Skiing New Mexico

Tourism is extremely important in New Mexico, contributing some $2.6 billion to the economy and employing more than 50,000 people. The state's moderate climate, scenic beauty, historic sites, and bountiful recreational opportunities contribute to its appeal.

The weather in New Mexico is fantastic. New Mexico is known for its dry climate and brilliant blue skies. Before the Land of Enchantment became the state slogan, New Mexico went by the nickname The Sunshine State--based on the fact that every part of New Mexico receives sunshine at least 70 percent of the time year-round.

Above all, New Mexico is a friendly place. The warmth of Southwestern hospitality and the unhurried pace have a special appeal, making visitors want to return again and again to experience the magic of "America's Land of Enchantment."