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Senior Jasmin Corbin reveals her skills and who is working behind the scenes.
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Tuesdays with the Bluejays

Welcome to the second rotation of the 2012-13 Tuesdays with the Bluejays, to see the first blog of all 14 Jays, click here. 

April 23, 2013
Senior Jasmin Corbin

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, 

I’d like to start off by saying thank you for being such amazing fans and supporting us through our seasons! You are truly the best fans in the country.

I wanted to let you know that I have been running the TWTB (Tuesday with the Bluejays) blog this last semester as an internship. It has been fun and its great to have the team be able to interact with you in other ways then just watching them play.

Over the course of the semester and the last half of our season I have had the luxury of being in a digital video class. Being in this class has allowed me to bring something a little different to the table.

I did not add the girls videos to the blogs because I was editing them to bring something more to the TWTB blog. At the bottom of my blog you will see a video of all of the girls and their interviews for their blogs. 

I really loved editing and shooting video and would love to do it someday as a job.

It was truly awesome to work with the girls in another way since I was unable to physically play with them.

I really wish I could’ve finished out my senior season strong but the Lord had another plan for me. I wouldn’t trade these girls for the world! I would actually like to do it all over again with the same people and teammates I had over my four years.

It’s really been an amazing ride. I want to thank you all for being so supportive and I don’t want Bluejay nation to change one bit, you’re awesome! 

Right now I am doing really great with my knee and rehab. I am struggling to restrain myself from going all out in the areas that I feel great in.

I am now 17 weeks or almost four and a half months since my surgery. I have been reintroducing my leg to the weight room by slowly adding weight to every lift I do. Also I am currently working on retraining my leg to do agility workouts and jumping drills.  I will be able to pick up the pace with these activities when my brace gets delivered. 

Having a brace allows my knee to do movements faster and heavier with support. It stabilizes my knee so I don’t reinjure it again. Once my leg and knee is strong enough I can resume activities like basketball and outdoor activities without a brace.

This is where I really struggle to take my competitive level down a notch because my knee feels healthy and like there is nothing wrong with it. But that is not the case unfortunately. 

With time everything will be back to normal. For now it’s still baby steps until I am completely cleared. 

Once again thank you for the support and keep following these Bluejays because they will be an even better team as they move into the Big East!

I can’t wait to see what they will do in their new conference and how fast they will return to the level they ended this year.

Hope some beautiful and warm weather is near since it’s almost May and its been snowing!


April  16, 2013
Junior Jordan Garrison

Hey Jay’s Fans!!!!

Some of you may be thinking season over, but the truth is, next years season started as soon as our last game was over. 

We were given a couple weeks off in order to let our body recover from all the fatigue and injuries that comes with a six-month season, but next season is now underway. 

On any given day you will find the Jays getting stronger in the weight room, getting workouts in with their individual coach, getting extra shots up with a teammate, or even playing a little bit of 5-on-5 in the Old Gym.

Although our next game is not for another six months, now is the time for us to really break down our individual game and improve in areas that are going to help make the team better next year.

It’s crazy to think that next year I am going to be a senior, and then will be done playing the game that I love; with that being said, as much as I don’t want next year to be over, I am already looking forward to putting on a Bluejay uniform next season. 

Next year is going to be a blast. 

Our team will be moving the Big East, as everyone already is aware of.  That means traveling to new places, being a part of new experiences, and making even more memories with my teammates. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what next years season brings for the Jays!  I think with hard work and determination, we are going to be capable of accomplishing great things.

As we see another basketball season come to an end, and another school year be marked off the calendar, I just want to say thanks for all the support everyone has showed towards the Bluejay community. 

It’s no lie when we say we have the best fans in the country. 


P.S. Sorry this blog was kind of random; it’s hard to find things to talk about when basketball season is over ;)

April  9, 2013
Junior Riley Norman

Well, we‘ve made through another successful season, Bluejay fans! Thanks to all who supported us throughout the year, we truly appreciate you!

In the past couple weeks since returning from Knoxville, we have had some much-needed down time. By “we” I of course mean the people who have been playing two games every weekend since October, but don’t forget about the “Bench Mob!” We definitely needed some throat lozenges and ice packs after those two stressful NCAA games! 

But, believe it or not, the team is jumping for joy at the chance to get back in the weight room this week!!! Who doesn’t love off-season man arms!

Anyways, I decided since basketball is somewhat at a lull right now that I would go a different direction with my blog.

I think something that has been really prevalent on my mind lately is the fact that I am about a month away from being a senior, a year away from graduation, and that much closer to the dreaded thing I like to call “the real world.”

Eek! I think it is safe to say that Carli, McKenzie, Sarah, Alyssa, and Jordan are all feeling the same. Watching Ally and Jasmin go out in such an awesome way this year makes it so exciting, but made also that much more real.

I know it may be cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. I feel like it was yesterday that we were moving into the Kiewit dorms overwhelmed by all the instant friendships that formed almost immediately between us all. It is absolutely crazy to think that all six of us will be leaving after next year and heading to the WNBA (wait, just kidding).

I think the phrase “cherish the moment” has become so much more important to me lately. As long as the basketball season sometimes seems to be, every year it has gone by faster and faster.

I’d have to say that this year has been my favorite so far, with obvious highlights being the trip to Cancun, the Illinois State semi-final game at the MVC tournament (yes, even though we lost) was one of the most fun games to be apart of, and then of course beating Syracuse first round of the NCAA tournament!

The opportunities that have come from being a part of this team are endless, and the fact that I only have one year left is nothing short of terrifying.

All these thoughts of growing up and graduating makes me think that if I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to never take moments for granted. Whether that moment is a high school game, a summer AAU tournament, or any part of the college experience basketball related or not, they are all things that you can never go back and relive.

Taking advantage of those moments and really letting it soak in how special they are is something a lot of people forget to do, including myself.

I have definitely found this even truer since I unfortunately haven’t been able to play a lot throughout my college career. I wish I had realized back then how amazing it was to be playing sports I love with people I love. I think that next year, once basketball season rolls around again, it will be a different kind of feeling for us soon-to-be seniors. 

Each and every game will be that much more exciting, every moment we get to spend with our teammates will be even more special.

Hey! We might even find that we miss those 11 hours of team bonding on the bus trip to Evansville…but I doubt it. All I know is that going forward I will continue to realize more and more how fortunate I am to be at Creighton, and a part of this basketball team.

I can’t tell you what lies ahead, but I know that no matter what comes along I am going to enjoy every minute of it.  



April 2, 2013
Junior Alyssa Kamphaus

Hey Bluejay fans, 

Looking back on this season, all I can think is “Wow what a ride,” and what great memories our team has made this year! Making it to the big dance for the second season in a row is something not a lot of people can put on their list of accomplishments.

We have had a few amazing wins, like coming back to win against BYU, and how we dominated the Huskers this year! I can assure you, for all of the Nebraska girls on our team, that was a special win!

All of the fun we had in Cancun and winning the Caribbean Challenge! Even though it was beautiful, I don’t think I would like to go through customs on a daily basis.

It was great sharing 1st place in the conference, yet I still think about what we could have done to beat Wichita twice and win it out right. It is crazy to think we are in the Big East now, it is pretty neat to be part of this exciting history at Creighton.

It still hasn’t sunk in that I will never have to ride on those dreaded bus rides to places like Evansville, Indiana and all of the other far away Missouri Valley locations. I am looking forward to traveling to all of the new places like St. Johns in New York and Villanova in Pennsylvania. It is definitely something to look forward to for my senior season.   

Speaking of seniors, we will miss Ally and Jasmin next year and it is scary to think I will be part of that senior class very soon. I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited to have TJ (Taylor Johnson) back on the court contributing again. I am also looking forward to seeing Bri Rollerson in a uniform and can’t wait to get to know our incoming freshman!

While watching the NCAA tournament and seeing teams that we either beat or played close go on to the next round, it gives me confidence that with some hard work and determination the NCAA tournament is attainable for our team again next season. 

Better get back to Physics and finish strong in the classroom this semester! 

Have a great summer & looking forward to next season, Go Jays!!

Alyssa Kamphaus

March 26, 2013
Freshman Brianna Rollerson

Let me start out with saying how grateful we were to have an opportunity to play in the NCAA Tournament. We were excited to go to our host site in Knoxville, Tennessee for out first and second round competition.

Not everyone gets to be a part of such a great experience; especially during their freshman year. This was so exciting I don’t know how to begin to explain it!

I will start with a few details about what goes on in the life of a Bluejay.

The first great thing about making it to the tournament was getting to charter on a private plane.  We had a whole plane to spread out, sit anywhere, and do anything we pleased.  Sleeping on a plane had never felt so good! The flight was only two hours long and then boom, we were in the sweet state of Tennessee.

You would think that being in the Southern state, the weather would be nothing but sunshine and warmth. That is totally wrong. While we were there it snowed, rained, and was cold. I felt right at home. The snow seems to follow us wherever we go. 

Despite the weather, we had a wonderful time. Basketball couldn’t gone any better. The locker rooms were filled with snacks and powerade and other delicious goods. We played music and danced to get ready for the game. It was a blast!

On Saturday after all the dancing and preparation we were finally ready to face the No. 7 seed, Syracuse and fight for a win. At times the game got pretty dicey and close, but I wasn’t worried for one minute.

I had a good feeling and knew we could do it. We ended up winning the game, rushing the court, and being happier than a little kid in a toy store. It was AMAZING! The game was just so much fun.

After beating Syracuse on Saturday, we faced the No. 2 seed, Tennessee on Monday night. We had a fantastic approach leading into this second round battle. Everyone was getting ‘stupid hype’ knowing that Tennessee was a completely beatable team. Everyone within our travel party strongly believed that we could win.

We fought really hard and I was anxious throughout the game because I knew we were so close to beating them in stretches of the game.

Even though we didn’t get the result we hoped for, the opportunity of play in the second round game of the NCAA tournament was priceless. We will always remember this opportunity and the Creighton history that we made together.

My freshman year has been one of the best years I have ever had. My teammates were better than I could have asked for and I am truly blessed. I love them all!

B. Roll

March 19, 2013
Sophomore Sammy Jensen

Shocked, stunned, excited, jubilant, proud, ecstatic, and thrilled are just a few adjectives that are able to describe what we are feeling right now.

After our heartbreaking loss in overtime to Illinois State in the semi-finals down in St. Charles, we were all a little nervous, yet hopeful for our chances to make the NCAA tournament once again.

Despite being down by eleven at the half, we made an incredible fight in the second half to come back and take the game into overtime. Even though we didn't end up on top, the second half of the Illinois State game was as much fun I have had in a game in a really long time.

Whether in the game or on the bench, every single player and coach was into the game, jumping up and down, and cheering like crazy. Or as TJ and Riley would say: we were stupid hype (I'm not really sure what that means)!

While down in St. Charles a few players brought home some awards with them. Ally and Sarah both made All Academic Teams. Marissa was named Freshman of the Year and First Team All Conference. Sarah was named on the All Defensive Team and First Team All Conference. On and off the court their hard work has been rewarded, and all three of those girls deserved those awards.

While sitting and waiting for the NCAA field to be announced we were all a little anxious and nervous about what our fate would be. Sixty of the sixty-four teams were announced until we finally saw our name appear on the screen.

When "Creighton" was called, we all jumped, screamed, hugged, and cried in happiness. Our goal of reaching the NCAA tournament had been reached. We are the 10 seed in the Oklahoma City region and are headed to Knoxville, Tennessee where we will face the number 7 seed Syracuse on Saturday at 10:20am central time.

We all realize how special this moment is. It doesn't just happen for teams to make it to the NCAA tournament. It also doesn't just happen that teams are able to make it two years in a row. 

We have worked and been dedicated to each other to make this dream of ours become a reality. Thinking back and remembering that feeling of losing last year in the first round by a last second shot makes us hungry for more.

We are excited and ready to start preparing for Syracuse. We also know our coaches will come up with a game plan to give us the best opportunity to win.

We would love to see you all down in Knoxville, but if you are unable to make it then be sure to catch us ESPN 2 at 10:20am central time on Saturday. 



March 12, 2013
Junior Carli Tritz

Hello my fellow Bluejays,

About this time last year I wrote the blog after we won the 2012 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. I remember writing, "There is no better time to be a Bluejay than right NOW." Honestly, I could use that same line again this year. 

This has been an unbelievable year for not only our team, but also Creighton Athletics in general.

I mean, the basketball teams have cut down nets three times in the past two weeks. We have sent our men's soccer team to the final four two years in a row. Our volleyball team cracked in the top 25 for the first time and also took home the MVC crown.

So, seriously people, why would you want to be anything other than a Jay right now?

On the other hand, we are far from perfect. But that's what makes our success so great. Every season brings its challenges and tests. But can you pass them? Can you bend with out breaking? Can you survive those rough patches and come out even stronger? That's what my team has done, game after game 

The perfect example of this success/challenges ratio would be the AP Top 25 votes we have received. We have gotten votes three separate times this year and each time they brought a new sense of confidence and a teeny bit of swag...and then a slap in the face.

Each time we have gotten votes this year, we have lost our next game. EACH TIME! Do you know how frustrating that is?! To be getting to the point where you are so close and all you need is a few more W's and you're in, and then you fall inches short.

It stinks. But with out it, I don't think we are the MVC Regular Season Champions. With out it, I don't think we get to 20 wins before March and I don't think we put ourselves into a position to finish the season with an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. With out it, we aren't 'us.' 

I could sit here and talk about how hard we have worked and how bad we want another trophy by this time next week, but I feel like you all should know that by now.

So I'd rather give my last few paragraphs to talk about why I have the best team in the entire world. As you may know by now, I have an extremely fun situation going on in the lateral meniscus of my right knee. And by fun I mean the worst pain I have ever gone through (yes, I know, child birth will probably be worse).

But I have never really blogged about it or mentioned it in the press unless I am asked about it.  I don't really enjoy making every conversation about it, so I don't talk about it much with my teammates either. So they might not even know this, but with out them, I honestly don't know if I could bare the pain. I don't know if I could take another step some games. They are my adrenaline rush that numbs the hurt. They are my reason to get up and go to treatment almost every morning. It's them. 

Not being able to contribute to the team statistically like I was expected to is probably the most frustrating thing I've ever faced as an athlete. But they understand this, and made themselves better. Each one of them has stepped up in numerous ways. They have worked as hard as ever to be the best team in the Valley. And hey, I have done what I can with what I have. But it's them...and I couldn't be more proud of them. 

We have worked for this success...but we have a little more work to do, folks. Hopefully we will see you in St. Charles as we battle for BACK-TO-BACK titles!


March 5, 2013
Freshman Tessa Leytem

With mid-term week upon us, this blog may be a little short. I'm going to try to hit everything though!

Starting with the fact that we only have two more games left of regular season...what! It is so bizarre to look back and realize just how quickly this season has flown by. It does not seem like long ago that we were suiting up for Blue Jay Madness to kick it all off, and now we are already to our last games at D.J. Sokol Arena for this year. And from what I hear from the upperclassmen, it only goes faster.

This past week was a little different than most since we only had one game against our travel partner, the Drake Bulldogs (which was a CRAZY win!).  With a couple days off and more practices than we're accustomed to, it seemed to move a little bit slower.  The excitement in the locker-room was still at a peak though, because we knew how important this game against Drake would be!

For all you guys who watched that game, how exciting was that? I'm not sure if I have ever been so on the edge of my seat as I was in those final minutes.

Of course though, everyone came in clutch. Sammy with her defense, Carli with her on point passes, and Marissa with her ridiculous ability to get to the rim, we had all the right ingredients for us to come out with the win.

This win did A LOT of things for us. First off, it got us one step closer to a regular season championship. As of now, we are a half a game behind in the standings. We can only continue to win and hope for the best!

Also, the Drake game showed us that there is a never ending need to improve. This game against the Bulldogs went quite differently than our first meeting (W, 98-71), but this only shows us that there is no room for complacency in the competitive MVC.

This will be a great week for us to do what we can do to improve in the limited time left in the season!

This past week we had our annual Night with the Jays.  At this event, "little Jays" came to the Vinardi Center (old gym) to hang out with student athletes from all the teams at Creighton.  There are so many rewards that come with playing for Creighton, but one of the coolest things we get to do is interact with the community.

We played foursquare, horse, "Sorry", and even had a dance competition from which there were some pretty impressive showings from young and old alike. It was so cool to see the joy on the kids' faces from just being able to interact with us.

A very quick turn-around is upon us for our last two games against Evansville and Southern Illinois, and we would love to see you all there!!  Especially for our senior game on Saturday. Jas and Ally have been tremendous leaders for us the whole year. Me being a little freshman and pretty clueless in terms of most things, they really take care of me. Plus, I heard Jas and Ally LOVE giving speeches to big crowds. J

CU there!!


February 26, 2013
Junior Sarah Nelson

Now that we are done with all of our road trips for the regular conference season, I realize that I only have one year left of heading to all of the paradise-like destinations that the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) has to offer.

With three years under my belt, I like to think that I am an expert on road trips. Since I know all of you fabulous Bluejay fans are going to be heading down to St. Charles here in a couple weeks with massive groups of people, I figured that I might as well give you some tips for road tripping courtesy our team.

1. Be able to any possible way. Each player on our team gets two seats on our charter bus. 

I would say that the two seats together are roughly four feet across, which works out really great if you are six feet tall. I have mastered the "sleeping half sitting up" position and also the "smushing your face into the seat and contorting your body to pretend you are two feet shorter" position.

Sammy Jensen often uses her armrest as a pillow and McKenzie Fujan likes to just drop to the floor to catch a few Z's. While this is ideal, beware of slushy floors in the winter!

2. Pack ahead of time. I have to admit that I am pretty good at procrastinating at just about everything in life which proves to be a problem when I am throwing clothes into my duffel bag ten minutes before I am supposed to be at the gym.

This also means that I am the one sitting on the bus ten minutes after we leave praying that I remembered to put in my uniform and shoes.

I have managed to always remember them, but if you would like to hear some horror stories about forgetting things, Taylor Johnson is the reigning queen in this category. 

If you plan ahead you always can be sure of what you brought and even pack some snacks. For notes on how to eat absolute junk food and still wear a size 0, see Marissa Janning.

3. Be sure that you have someone you can constantly annoy with text messages. About half of our team is lucky in this sense that we have boyfriends, who (I think) still like us despite the text messages that we send about being on the bus or still being on the bus or....oh right still being on the bus. 

We are grateful for you all. I should probably give my boyfriend a special shout out here because he still continues to text me even when I'm a little grumpy (although this rarely happens!!).

4. Have the ability to look beautiful after being on a bus for extended periods of time. While everyone else on the team has really mastered this, I cannot quite seem to figure out why I always end up looking like something attacked me when I get off the bus. I get some interesting looks when we stop so thanks to my teammates for holding their tongues. (That does not include you Coach Huber.)

5. Pack some great movies. We always manage to have a wide variety on our bus ranging from action packed movies like Skyfall to classics like Twilight. Sometimes if we are lucky we even get DirecTV on our bus, which is always awesome when the men's team is playing on ESPN.

6. Have someone who is newly engaged on the trip with you! The past few road trips have all had their fair share of wedding conversations with Ally Jensen!

We are always looking up wedding dresses or talking about what colors we think look good. Also, to all of those newly engaged people out there, do not have Bri Roll help you plan your wedding unless you want "swag" to be something your guests use to describe your theme.  

7. New songs on your iPod are a must for every road trip.

8. Win all of your games! Winning is a must if you want to avoid a real life game of Don't Wake Daddy at the front of the bus by the coaches. Nobody likes to lose and winning makes road trips a LOT more fun!

9. Travel with your best friends. We are so lucky that we all get along so well. As long as road trips might get sometimes, there is always someone who is cracking a funny joke or telling a good story. I could not think of a better group of girls to travel with than my team. The memories I have with them on these trips will last forever. J

I hope these tips help you all as you plan your road trip to St. Charles for the conference tournament! We are also looking forward to seeing all of you at our last three home games of the season over the next two weekends! As we always say, we have the best fans in the nation and it always feels so awesome to play at home! Have a great week everyone and Go Jays!!!


February 19, 2013
Freshman Marissa Janning

Hey Bluejay Fans!

We were coming off of a tough road trip from Indiana State and Illinois State, this past weekend we were given a shot at two big games against Missouri State and Wichita State. 

After focusing all week on improving our half court defense and rebounding, we were able to get a big win on Thursday against the Lady Bears and a huge win over the conference leader, the Shockers on Saturday. 

Our excitement going into these games was outrageous... but Saturday's was special in a couple different ways.  Beating the Shockers now puts us one game behind them in the regular season, so we still have a chance to win conference, which is very exciting! 

The game was also special because it was our pink out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This gave us the opportunity to play for a great cause and share it with great teammates and an awesome fan-base!  We also got to sport our pink jerseys, pink shoes, pink shirts, and for some of us, even pink nail polish.

Coming off of those two wins, our confidence level is high as we head into the upcoming weekend.  Thursday we play at UNI, then head to Bradley for a Saturday game. 

Alright, heading away from basketball now to tell you a little bit about myself and my progression so far this season!

Coming in as a freshman and playing our first game against Oklahoma was a little intimidating for me.  With our non-conference schedule being one of the toughest in the country I had to find a way to gain some confidence because I really wanted to play and contribute in any way that I could.

I turned to my brother, Matt Janning, who plays professionally in Siena, Italy.  He went to college at Northeastern in Boston and after going to the Phoenix Suns, released down to the D-League, and sent overseas, I figured he would know how to handle tough situations. 

He's always been a huge influence on me and has shown me that hard work pays off.  He's definitely a huge part of my life and is my biggest role model. 

I have been lifting and running more often to try and get some muscle and to get in better shape since coach Huber makes fun of me and call's me "Muscles". 

After focusing on the things I could control, things started to fall into place after having a rocky start. 

Since then I have been playing with more confidence and contributing in ways that I can.  I'm still adapting to different parts of the game and learning a lot each day!

The best thing about being on this team is the fact that I can count on any of my coaches or teammates.  We have incredible leaders and whether its Ally making sure you're OK, or Carli trying to get you to laugh, there's no way you can't have a smile on your face and be in a good mood around the team. 

In case you didn't know... it was Tessa Leytem's birthday on Sunday (February 17th) so be sure to holler at this sweetheart birthday girl!



February 12, 2013
Senior Ally Jensen


Hey Bluejay fans!

Well, as much as I'd like to rewind and replay the past weekends' games, I don't think that is an option at this point. It is safe to say we were all disappointed with the last two games and will be working hard this week to improve on the areas where we need to get better.

With that being said, I still have the upmost confidence in our team and what we are capable of doing this season. There are a lot of games to be played, there is a lot of fight left in this team. Seeing how there is a little bit of down time on the bus (or a lot of bit), I decided to write this on the bus ride home. The losses are a little too fresh to talk basketball, so I thought I'd take a step away from the game and talk about other things.

As many of you probably know already, February is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This past week and this coming weekend, we got/get to play in three pink games. Yes, we all love getting to wear our bright pink shoes, our "Play 4Kay" t-shirts, and our sweet Pepto-colored jerseys (especially Kampy because pink is her all-time favorite color); but, more importantly, I know we all love the opportunity to play for a cause greater than ourselves.

Getting to play Division I basketball for a great program, in a great league, with a bunch of great people is something that is very special! These relationships and memories we are making will last forever. However, we won't be playing basketball forever. The reality of Breast Cancer is a serious thing.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.

Breast cancer awareness is huge, and the opportunity to help spread that awareness is very humbling!

Alright, I didn't mean to be so heavy, sorry! I'll try to lighten this blog up a bit since I already have a reputation of being a boring old lady...

If you haven't looked ahead in your calendars yet, this week is Valentine's Day! I'm assuming half of you read that groaning about how much you hate Valentine's Day (don't worry single people, the one for you is out there) and half of you read that with a smile thinking about the flowers or chocolate you're going to get this Thursday (I know flowers are expensive guys, but they are totally worth it FYI!).

There is almost a daily conversation about dating and boys around this team, if you can believe it. Currently our team is split almost half way down the middle with six people being in relationships, seven single people, and one person who we joke is kind of in the middle.

By now, I can imagine you are all dyyyying to know all about our personal lives; so I thought I'd tell you. But to save Glen (our cool new SID) the trouble of texting all of us to ask if it is okay to divulge our personal lives and to save anyone from being embarrassed, I will leave you with a little guess who game...

Taken #1 - This adorable lady has been taken for over a year and a half now. She may or may not be dating a star football player from the state of Iowa. Yes, we all approve and love to make her embarrassed whenever he is around.

Bachelorette #1 - Date ideas for this cute and spunky baller would be going to the movies, dancing at a small town rodeo, or playing one-on-one (be prepared to lose). There is no way you couldn't have a good time if you took this girl out for a night on the town.

Somewhat in the middle - Our next bachelorette currently has her eye on someone. Whether this relationship works or not, this drop-dead gorgeous gal will have no problem finding the man of her dreams! Fun, talented, and smart, you will be searching for a while to find something about her you wouldn't like to date.

Taken #2 - Although this next beauty isn't Facebook official, she is totally taken! A big "YAYYYY!" goes out to this girl as she joined the "in a relationship" group on the team just last week!

Taken #3 - A second big CONGRATS to another player who is fresh off the market as of last week! Love is definitely in the air :)

Bachelorette #2 - This next bachelorette would be quite the catch for any guy looking for someone who loves watching sports, the Texas longhorns, and dogs!! Finding something to talk about would not be a problem as conversation flows easy with this chick.

Taken #4 - Distance isn't a factor for our all-star who has been wooed off her feet a countless number of times. When you find a good-looking geek like this guy, it's hard to not be going strong for over three years.

Bachelorettes 3 & 4 - Watch out for this tag team of very fine and fun single ladies. They may seem sweet and innocent but watch out, they are on the prowl. Don't be too intimidated, however, it won't be hard to make these two weak in the knees.

Bachelorette #5 - This single lady has her focus on school and basketball, but would make a killer girlfriend if the right guy comes around. She is the most polite girl I know with an adorable smile. If her baking skills take after her mother someday, this bachelorette will make some guy's belly very happy and round.

Taken #5 - This adorable gal just celebrated two years of dating her boyfriend last month. To keep things simple, this couple is a match made in heaven.

Bachelorette #6 - This bachelorette may be the most philosophical thinker on the team and definitely has a hidden emotional spot; however, if physicality is all you're after, then this girl is for you. Fellas might as well get in line as gawkers are flocking for this hourglass figure.

Bachelorette #7 - This last bachelorette is family-first and super duper smart. Naps are a huge part of this girl's life, but be prepared for the snoring-like noises and continuous alarm clock buzzing. Don't let those small things bother you however, because her nearly perfect smile makes everything okay.

Taken #6 - And the last of the "in a relationship" group has been head over heels for the past year and a half to the most handsome man in the world (if I do say so myself) and patiently waiting to plan a rocking wedding.

As the great alumnus Kelsey Crites says best, "There you have it!" Hope you enjoyed that super secret summary of your 2012-2013 Creighton Bluejay's relationship status!

As Mckenzie alluded to in last week's blog, this Thursday would be a great opportunity to treat your Valentine's Day crush to an awesome date at the Ryan center. Avoid the overcrowded restaurants and movie theaters and spend the night taking in a Bluejay victory! What is more romantic than spending your night with a bunch of screaming little girls while eating a hotdog and nachos? Sounds like a great date to me!

In all honesty, the jays need a win and are hungry to get back on the court this weekend!

See you soon as we fight to get back to our winning ways,

Ally J

February 5, 2013
Junior McKenzie Fujan

Hello again, avid blog readers. 

I will have to apologize for keeping this short and sweet as I have three exams this week!

There's a chance that you may have heard this already, but one of my lovely teammates got ENGAGED about a week ago!!!!

So here's a gigantic shout out to Ally Jensen and Kyle Obermeier during this exciting time in their lives! 

I'm also going to take this time to provide a slight confession to the world.  Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the amount of jealousy that has been haunting me for the past week is outrageous and a little embarrassing!

I'm slowly but surely getting over it though, and the hours spent on the Pinterest wedding page are starting to dwindle.  This is good news for my grades on those exams! 

All around it's been a pretty happy week around the Ryan Athletic Center.  It was a great win last Saturday at Drake, but there are still nine games left to play before the big show. 

If I'm doing the math correctly, that means there's still half of our conference season left to play.  This also means that there is still half our conference season left to become a better team. No one really says it out loud but I think we all pretty much have a mutual agreement that the goal is not to lose again. 

One championship was last years thing (MVC Tournament), why not two this year(MVC Regular Season & MVC Tournament)?  We know it's going to be hard work and we are always going to get every opponent's best game of the season.  But you know what?  This team loves a challenge.  We might not love the words "get on the line", but honestly who does?  Just typing those words made my stomach drop!!  I love this team, every single one of them. 

You guys are the best!  Honestly we have the greatest fans we could possibly ask for.  We'll see you all at our next home game on Thursday, February 14 vs Missouri State

I heard once that Creighton Women's Basketball games are SPLENDID Valentines Day dates.  Just sayin.....

 Over and out,


January 29, 2013
Sophomore Taylor Johnson

Lucky for everyone, this week you all can see what it's like from the Bench Mob's perspective... Just a small excerpt of how we like to affect the team's energy, and just what we do, like our favorite cheers, favorite hair styles or if we prefer water or Gatorade etc.

Later on I'll fill you guys in on how my rehab is going and let you in on some top secret cutting drills I work on during practices.

This term "Bench Mob" is casually thrown about by all the coaches and players, and is slowly catching on with the student population on campus. For some reason or another the four of us, Jasmin (Jazz), Riley, Bri, and I, have been strategically placed at the end of the bench during games.

I say strategically because during baseline plays, we usually get our players hyped with selective words of encouragement. They try their best to keep a straight face but we know, we know the Bench Mob's words of encouragement don't go unheard...

There are times when we are in some sort of funk, I get the urge to go over to the dancers and physically borrow their pompoms to let the team know I'm here and I'm trying to do what I can to get them back in the groove. I was going to run this idea by one of the assistant coaches but let's be honest... I think that Flan's face on the Gangnam Style music video is a big enough distraction for everyone.

Like I promised you earlier, hairstyles and hydration preferences. Riley and I prefer the casual the side braid, Bri never fails with the low pony, straightened or un-straightened, and Jazz usually does the normal pony but mixes it up with a braid.

Also the winner goes to Gatorade, but water was a close second... And we don't like to mess with cheers... We leave that up to Bluecrew and the dance team. That's just during the games.

Practices have changed dramatically for me recently due to the fact that my new fabulous flowery brace just came in. Flowery you ask? Well, it is engraved ever so slightly with two beautiful Hawaiian flowers on the sides.

A little girly for my taste but it shows the great detail and effort Don Joy puts into every brace. Therefore I applaud the company that made my brace and manage to quickly ship it to little Omaha.

The benefits of having a brace, is that I can start to incorporate cutting and quicker sharper movements with shooting and dribbling drills.

Pre-brace, all I could do was dribble in one direction and do spot shooting, which was great and all, but I prefer to get back into the swing of things and start actually practicing.

The first day I was allowed to cut and do layups, I was the happiest kid on the court. The smile would not come off my face, even if I had missed three layups in a row... (I'm embarrassed to admit that)

The fact that I could physically do layups was indescribable. I look back and realize I took for granted something as small as a layup before I was hurt. It had been over five months since I did a layup.

Proudly, when I went to do the first one... I missed. It's going to take a while before I get back into the swing of things, but I'm so grateful that with everyday that passes I'm one step closer to coming back onto the court a 100% better.

One day, the time will come when I can fully scrimmage and practice with the team. When that day is, undetermined by the trainers and coaches but it all depends how my knee reacts to increasing my workouts.

It's about the waiting game when it comes to these kinds of injuries, but I'll wait however long I have to to get back out on the court. It'll be sad when the Bench Mob will have to leave each other and go our separate ways, but some great things aren't meant to last forever...

                                                                                    Until next time,

                                                                                            Taylor Johnson #22

January 22, 2013
Sophomore Alexis Akin-Otiko

There are so many blessing that come along with being apart of the Creighton women's basketball team. The people, the education, involvement with the community, and all the awesome food we get along the way.

You can always find a good meal. Whether it comes from boosters' barbecues, meals over Christmas break, or the unique spots we stop at traveling on road trips, they always take good care of us making sure we are fueled and ready to go.

This past week we played Missouri State University (MSU) in Springfield, Missouri. We usually eat at places with fresh food, sometimes even a little on the fancy side. However, the night before the game against MSU, we changed things up a little bit. Due to several recommendations, we ended up at Lambert's Cafe. It is known from all over to be a real hot spot in Springfield.

This was not the typical Olive Garden or Upstream that we were used to going to. It was a like a Cracker Barrel with an upbeat twist. At this place the best part was there was literally food all around. While ordering, we had guys walking around throwing rolls to tables all over the restaurant. A few of us got nailed in the head with the dinner rolls.

Not too mention the fact that Bri Roll was throwing rolls back at our waiter and Ally was catching the rolls with her butter knife. I loved the change in atmosphere. Just being able to have fun and come together after the tough loss we suffered to Wichita State the night before was just what our team needed.

Being able to relax and have fun and focus on something else was just what we needed at that time. Monday night we played MSU and won by twenty points. Our coaches dissected many things from our loss in Wichita that put us in a good position to win the next game.

I give a little credit though to that fun-filled dinner at Lambert's. Having a good time allowed us to help with the transition from having the loss heavily on our minds to being able to get to a regrouping state of mind leading to the fantastic win that we acquired earlier today.

Winning was definitely the best part of the weekend, but going to Lambert's is something I will never forget. I left there with a full stomach and rock hard abs from laughing so hard. That restaurant is a place that everyone needs to take a trip to. Whether you go for the dinner roles or the over sized portions, CHECK IT OUT!

Take my word for it, it definitely has five star possibilities.

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