2012-13 Women's Tennis - 20 Questions
Updated: Sunday 08/12/2011 (ET)
by TribeAthletics.com
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2012-13 Tribe Women's Tennis - 20 Questions

Maria Belaya

Did You Know?

• Maria hopes to become hoping an occupational or physical therapist.

• Maria's favorite team activity is team dinners.

20 Questions with Maria Belaya

Anik Cepeda

Did You Know?

• Anik enjoys her mother's home-made lamb meatballs.

• Anik would love to attend the World Cup with her family.

20 Questions with Anik Cepeda

Hope Johnson

Did You Know?

• Hope considers herself a food fanatic.

• Hope plays the piano.

20 Questions with Hope Johnson

Jackie Lee

Did You Know?

• Jackie's dream job is to be a food critic.

• Jackie enjoys Facebooking.

20 Questions with Jackie Lee

Jeltje Loomans

Did You Know?

• Jeltje played both tennis and field hockey at W&M.

• Jeltje thought herself to sleep with her mouth shut.

20 Questions with Jeltje Loomans

Marlen Mesgarzadeh

Did You Know?

• Marlen sleeps with ear plugs and a sleeping mask.

• Marlen wants to become fluent in English, Spanish and French along with her native German.

20 Questions with Marlen Mesgarzadeh

Leeza Nemchinov

Did You Know?

• Leeza's favorite place to visit was Switzerland.

• Leeza liks to keep things organized.

20 Questions with Leeza Nemchinov

Sydney Smith

Did You Know?

• Sydney is not allergic to poison ivy.

• Sydney is in the sports business club at W&M.

20 Questions with Sydney Smith

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