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Student-Athlete Affairs: Student-Athlete Development
Courtesy: George Mason Athletics
Release: 06/06/2011

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Student-Athlete Development

Mason's Student-Athlete Affairs program focuses on providing opportunities for student-athletes to actively learn about prospective careers and preparing for life after intercollegiate athletics. Through the Student-Athlete Affairs program and its partnership with the University Career Services, our goal is to help student-athletes develop skills that can assist them in a more successful transition into their lives after intercollegiate athletics. The following are a few examples of those opportunities:

Resume Writing Workshop

Guided by the Coordinator of Student-Athlete Affairs and the Senior Academic Coordinator, student-athletes are given the opportunity to actively craft a more professional approach to communicating with prospective employers. Local career and recruiting professionals present a realistic commentary on what they look for in a cover letter, resume and email correspondence.

Graduate School Seminar

Seminar created for Sophomore & Junior student-athletes who are interested in Graduate Schools or Post-Graduate studies. Along with Career Services and Academics, Student-Athlete Affairs puts on this program. The information provided will include NCAA post-graduate scholarships, the use of Student-Aid Fund reimbursement for testing, Graduate Assistantships, etc...

Dining Etiquette (Seniors)

Career Services will show the proper way to dine when at business meetings, interviews and conferences. Teach the student-athletes about silverware layout and what utensils to use with different courses. It will be a three-course meal for each student-athlete, so they can have hands on experience with what it will be like to be at a business dinner. Discussions will also be around what types of food are okay to order and what is not. Working professionals from the community attend this event to give the student-athletes the real dining feel.

 Click here to see a photo album from the 2012 event.

Dining Etiquette

National Student-Athlete Day

During the first week of April, the NCAA celebrates National Student-Athlete day. Here at George Mason University, we celebrate student-athletes that have achieved academic excellence and have excelled in community service on that day. The day is normally celebrated in the Academic building with snacks and a gift.

National Student-Athlete Day

Senior Salute

A celebration held to honor all Senior student-athletes at the end of the school year. Student-Athletes will receive their George Mason statute. There are also other awards presented to student-athletes such as Aimee Willard Commemorative Award, Provost's Scholar Student-Athlete Award and Male & Female Student-Athlete of the Year.

Goal Setting & Motivation (Sophomores)

Office of Student-Athlete Affairs and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) presents to sophomore class what stresses they might occur during their second year of school. In addition, have them understand what their schedules will look like during the second year and the goals they need to achieve. Also, showing them various study skills that will help them throughout their sophomore year and entire college career. Allow them to come up with some goals that will help them academically and athletically.

Plan for Graduate School (Juniors/Seniors)

Office of Student-Athlete Affairs, Career Services and Graduate Admissions will present information all pertinent to Graduate school. Career Services will discuss how their office can help prepare the junior class for what is expected during the summer leading into senior year in preparation for graduate school testing. Graduate Admissions will discuss what are the pros and cons of going to graduate school. Also, focus on what they want to get out of graduate school and how to pick a degree that will lead them to the job they want. SAA will discuss internship opportunities through the NCAA. Also, discuss NCAA scholarships for graduate schools.

Life After Sports (Seniors)

Office of Student-Athlete Affairs and Career Services present to senior student-athletes what life will hold for them after college and athletics. Career Services will discuss what they can offer for internships and careers. How their office can help prepare the senior class for what is expected after graduation. Graduate Admissions will discuss what is expected of a first-year graduate student. Office of Financial Aid will discuss what happens with student loans after graduation (when payments have to start being paid back, how to get them postponed if a job has not been found in order to make payments). SAA will discuss dress for business interviews and how the athletic department can help find internships and jobs, as well.

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