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Sophomore pitcher Matt Warren
Courtesy: Steven Branscombe

Inside Bluejay Baseball 2013: Summer League Q & A

This week’s edition of Inside Bluejay Baseball features a question and answer session with three players about their summer league experiences.

Sophomore pitcher Matt Warren

Q: Essentially, playing in a summer league is like having a job. How did you handle the grind of devoting your summer towards baseball with less time for other activities such as traveling home, working, or going on vacation?

A: “Summer ball is almost like a vacation honestly. It was neat getting out to a different part of the country and seeing how things are done in a different region of the country. But otherwise you develop a routine just like one would at school. (I would) wake up around 9 a.m. (and) then go to the gym. After a workout a few of us guys would go grab lunch and then head over to the field around 2:30 p.m. for a 6 p.m. game. The environment was relaxed enough to where it didn’t feel like a constant grind, but strict enough to where coaches and teammates would push each other to get better.”

Q: What was it like to live with a host family for the summer? 

A: “It was definitely a different experience. It was odd showing up on a stranger’s doorstep and having to view these people as your “family” for an entire summer. After a few days you start to get more comfortable and then you find yourself interacting with your host family almost as if they were your real family. You eat out with them, go to their friends’ houses with them, and even help out a bit around the house just like you would with your own family.”

Senior outfielder Mike Gerber

Q: What was it like to play with players you may have never met before this summer?

A: “One of the best parts about summer ball is playing with and meeting new players. The group of guys that I played with this summer was a great group of players. I was able to make some friendships that will last longer than just the summer.”

Q: How will your experiences from this summer help yourself and the team this fall and next spring?

A: “Going from spring ball to summer ball is a difficult transition, and with our move to the Big East this year, I can use my experiences from this past summer to help guide our transition from the Missouri Valley to the Big East.”

Sophomore infielder Reagan Fowler

Q: What leadership skills did you obtain while playing in the summer league?

A: “The best skill I have learned during summer ball is that you have to be accountable.  You have to work hard while you’re out playing to make sure that you come back to school better and can help the team for the upcoming season.”

Q: What parts of your game were you trying to improve while playing during the summer?

 A: “This summer I was just trying to improve my hitting by getting more at bats to help me feel comfortable at the plate.”

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