Robert Morris Sports Medicine                                           


Robert Morris University athletes receive medical care provided by the University's athletic training staff and various physicians throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area and surrounding community.

Colonial athletes receive care in three athletic training rooms, one in the Charles L. Sewall Center, one in Joe Walton Stadium and the other on the Robert Morris University Island Sports Center. Medical care is coordinated by head athletic trainer Michael Vittorino and assistant athletic trainers Jason Daley, Erica Gadelmeyer, Stacey Ogden and Emily Tong. The staff is dedicated to providing all aspects of prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries.

Weekly sports medicine clinics are held by one of the sports medicine physicians. The clinic is staffed by Dr. Tanya Hagen, professor in family practice and orthopedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Tom McConnell visits the University two times a week to administer rehab.

Services are also provided by physicians in Moon Township, including Dr. Rodney Fedorchak (dentistry), Dr. Ed Carnvale (podiatry) and the West Hills Vision Center, under the direction of Joe Udvari.


1. A certified athletic trainer or athletic training student is present (on-site) for all Robert Morris home in-season contests.

2. All of RMU's three athletic training rooms (Charles L. Sewall Center, Joe Walton Stadium, Island Sports Center) has a certified athletic trainer present or available via radio communication for the delivery of athletic training services to those sports engaged in practice or those student-athletes who require physical rehabilition.


The athletic training office recognizes that a minimum standard of health care is due to student-athletes. A certified athletic trainer covers each home contest. However, in the event that an athletic trainer is not present, the head coach is responsible for first aid and summoning emergency assistance.


Visiting sideline setup at Joe Walton Stadium consists of four 10-gallon water coolers, a chest of ice, bags and cups. Visiting football teams have access to the visiting locker room two and-a-half hours prior to kickoff. Visiting locker room is equipped with a taping table, water, ice and portable hot pack machine.

A Robert Morris team physician is present at all football games. All medical emergencies will be transported to Sewickley Valley Hospital, located within 10 minutes of RMU Moon Township campus. Visiting athletic trainers will be contacted by phone during game week to inquire about and arrange any special medical needs.


The athletic training room, as well as athletic training offices, are located on the second floor of the Charles L. Sewall Center and are available for use 60 minutes before each event. The athletic training room is equipped with a hydrocollator, electric stim, ultrasound, whirlpools and ice.


For your convenience, Robert Morris will provide to visiting athletic trainers and teams:

1. Taping tables located in either Joe Walton Stadium, the Charles L. Sewall Center or the RMU Island Sports Center or athletic training rooms.

2. Ice bags and ice

3. Water or some form of liquid and cups

4. Crutches and splints

Treatments are limited to student-athletes accompanied by an athletic trainer or a physician's prescription. Please call ahead and make arrangements if your team is not accompanied by an athletic trainer.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Vittorino Head Athletic Trainer 397-4983
Jason Daley Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4982 
Erica Gadelmeyer Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4916
Stacy Ogden Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4981
Emily Tong Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4916
Stacey Bethune Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4980  
Laura Noel Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4980  
Geoff Zonn Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 397-4980