Robert Morris Athletic Hall of Fame

The RMU Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1991 to honor those who have made an outstanding contribution to Robert Morris athletics. Nominations are solicited and individuals selected by the Hall of Fame Committee. Players, coaches and administrators are eligible for selection five years after they have concluded their career at Robert Morris, and each year a veteran's choice is selected for induction. A veteran's choice is an individual that has concluded their career for at least 20 years. To read and learn more about any of the individuals in the RMU Athletic Hall of Fame, please click on the link for the corresponding year.

If you would like to nominate a former student-athlete, coach or administrator for the Robert Morris Athletic Hall of Fame, please download the following nomination form (PDF), fill it out and mail it to:

Department of Athletics
c/o Colonial Athletic Club
Robert Morris University
Joe Walton Stadium
6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA 15108-1189

Class of 1991

Name Sport Years
Earl Cureton Men's Basketball 1975-77
Don Genalo Bowling 1977-80
Gus Krop Men's Basketball Coach 1963-76

Class of 1992

Name Sport Years
Kim Mong-Main Women's Basketball 1981-85
Tom Underman Men's Basketball 1981-85

Class of 1993

Name Sport Years
Bob Erwin Baseball/Volleyball Coach, IM Director 1968-92
Tom Parks Men's Basketball 1979-83
John Rech Men's Golf 1964-68
Christine Suto Women's Tennis 1983-87

Class of 1994

Name Sport Years
Steve Uhing Men's Cross Country / Track & Field 1985-89

Class of 1995

Name Sport Years
Anthony Dickens Men's Basketball 1985-90
Kathy Frederick Women's Basketball 1984-88
Chipper Harris Men's Basketball 1980-84
Craig Prosser Men's Basketball 1972-84

Class of 1996

Name Sport Years
Tony Bunbury Men's Soccer / Track & Field 1985-89
Donna Chiodo Women's Tennis 1980-84
Forest Grant Men's Basketball 1980-84
Lee Repasky Women's Basketball 1983-87

Class of 1997

Name Sport Years
Rocco Coniglio Bowling Coach 1962-89
Buddy DeLuca Bowling 1969-73
Sandy Matich-Veseleny Women's Basketball 1977-81
Missy Walls Women's Basketball 1983-87

Class of 1998

Name Sport Years
JoAnn Beatty Women's Basketball 1987-89
Ron Hightower Men's Basketball 1970-72
Richard Lesnak Director of Athletics 1965-72
Tim Hall Football 1994-95

Class of 1999

Name Sport Years
Laura Lindak-Murray Women's Basketball 1989-94
Tera Prosser-Howe Softball 1991-94
Myron Walker Men's Basketball 1990-94

Class of 2000

Name Sport Years
Heather Ferrari-Urbansky Softball 1991-94
Jackie Gray-Crawford Women's Track & Field 1991-93
John Kowalski Men's Soccer Coach 1989-96
Doug Petras Men's Soccer 1990-93

Class of 2001

Name Sport Years
Troy Fabiano Men's Soccer 1990-93
Kristie Tuxford Volleyball 1992-95

Class of 2002

Name Sport Years
Andre Boyd Men's Basketball 1987-91
Molly McCann Volleyball 1991-94
Brianne Morgan Softball 1997-98
Maebeth Schalles Women's Basketball 1990-94
Musa Shannon Men's Soccer 1993-96

Class of 2003

Name Sport Years
Brian Dunn Football 1994-97
Cory Hunt Men's Track & Field 1991-95
Nate List Football 1994-97
Erica Schwanke-List Softball 1995-98

Class of 2004

Name Sport Years
Joe Falletta Men's Basketball 1988-92
Bart Mease Men's Golf 1995-99
Kelli Miller Softball 1990-93
Jake Newman Football 1994-97
John O'Connell Football 1995-98

Class of 2005

Name Sport Years
Dr. Susan Hofacre Director of Athletics 2000-05
Elise James Women's Basketball 1996-2000
Jim Baughman Men's Track & Field 1996-2000
Mark Wallace Men's Tennis 1992-95
John Kuziel Men's Basketball 1964-66

Class of 2006

Name Sport Years
Genita Dickey Women's Track & Field 1997-2001
Hank Fraley Football 1996-99
Dwight Kenner Men's Basketball 1969-71
Dan Swalga Women's Basketball Coach 1978-91
Courtney Haase Rowing 1998-2002
Katie Kirsten Rowing 1997-2001
Jodee Muskovich Rowing 1996-2000
Kristen Pries Rowing 1996-2000
Nicole Snyder Rowing 1997-2001

Class of 2007

Name Sport Years
Lauren Dickinson Softball 1999-2002
Cleve Edwards Men's Basketball 1967-69
Matt Furjanic Men's Basketball Coach 1979-84
Jennifer Stankewicz Women's Tennis 1993-97
Wade Timmerson Men's Basketball 1988-92

Class of 2008

Name Sport Years
Brian Cleary Football 1994-97
Katie Dugan Women's Soccer 1999-2002
Tim Levcik Football 1998-2001
Katie Noble Volleyball 1999-2002
Jarrad Pencek Men's Track & Field 1999-2002
Paul Snyder Men's Golf 1983-86

Class of 2009

Name Sport Years
Sam Dorsett Football 1999-2003
Jarrett Durham Men's Basketball Coach 1984-96
Sheri Horvath Women's Basketball 1994-97
Chris Hultquist Men's Soccer 1992-95
Perry Johnson Men's Basketball 1967-69

Class of 2010

Name Sport Years
Ricky Cannon Men's Basketball 1989-92
Nicole Downing Women's Track & Field 2001-05
Nick Downs Football 1997-2000
Bill Hodge Track & Field Head Coach 1995-99
Rachel Leitch Volleyball 2001-04
Don Mackey Men's Basketball 1963-65
Marco Patitucci Men's Soccer 1991-94

Class of 2011

Name Sport Years
Megan Bell Volleyball 2002-05
Kali Byers Softball 2003-06
Dr. Bruce Corrie Director of Athletics 1994-2000
Rhian Dodds Men's Soccer 1998-2002
Damien Mackman Men's Golf 2001-05
Jonathan Marshall Men's Basketball 1970-72