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UTSA Athletics Student Information

UTSA Fight Song

"Go, Roadrunners, go!"
"On to victory with all your might."
"Fight, Roadrunners, fight!"
"For the blue and the orange and the white."
"We fight for U - T - S - A."
"Alma Mater proud and strong."
"Win, Roadrunners, win!"
"And unite in our battle song."
(Repeat for second verse)

UTSA Alma Mater
"Hail UTSA."
"From our hills of oak and cedar."
"To the Alamo,"
"Voices raised will echo."
"As, in song, our praises flow."
"Hail alma mater!"
"Through the years our loyalty will grow."
"The University of Texas San Antonio." 

Roadrunners Hand Signal
Face your hand forward and proudly put your pinky and thumb up high into the air to show your UTSA school pride.

Rowdy The Roadrunner
In 1977, UTSA had two contenders for a mascot, the armadillos and the stars. After a student vote was declared void by the Student Representative Assembly, another vote took place with two different contenders, the armadillo and the roadrunner. On Dec. 9, 1977, the roadrunner was announced as the UTSA mascot. He was named “Rowdy" and he can be seen at all athletics events and is often up to no good. Watch out for this mischievous bird because he might be messing with you next.

Tailgating has really taken off since the 2011 inaugural football season. Student organization-based tailgating is extremely popular and can be found all over Sunset Station. Make sure to be ready to get Rowdy, be responsible, stay hydrated and wear lots of sun screen.

“Get Rowdy”
The term “Get Rowdy” is a campus-wide term that is used on a daily basis by the student body at athletics and campus events. What does it mean to "Get Rowdy"?  How a student actually “Gets Rowdy” is different for each student, but they all have the same end goal in mind and that's to be the loudest and most loyal student section in the country. Below are some ways that UTSA students around campus are “Getting Rowdy” …

· Scream so loud for the Roadrunners that you’re on the verge of passing out right on the field or court and/or you are too hoarse to speak out loud the next day in class.
· Wear the UTSA school colors of blue and orange, dye your hair, paint your face and dress up in wacky costumes to show how proud it makes you to call yourself a Roadrunner.
· Dress up in full-body blue or orange spandex suits to intimidate our opponents.
· Proudly display the Roadrunner hand signal with your pinky and thumb out.
· Stand the entire game, and when your feet start to tingle and become numb from standing so long, jump up and down to be even more rowdy.

Student Football Ticket Policies/Procedures

NOTE: The policies and procedures below are current as of Aug. 20, 2014. Policies and procedures are still being developed and are subject to change without notice.

All students currently enrolled at UTSA who pay the athletics fee are eligible to get in free to all home athletics events, including football games.

Seat Location
The UTSA student section at the Alamodome consists of sections 122-131 on the lower level and sections 220-226 on the club level. There are 6,000 seats in the lower level for students and 930 more on the club level. An additional 5,647 seats will be held in the upper level for students for any game that requires the upper level to be open (sections 320-329). Seating for students in these designated student sections is general admission. 

Students are eligible to attend any home fiootball game without charge. Students also may also purchase up to FOUR (4) guest tickets per game for family members and friends to sit in the student section. Student guest tickets cost $10 and may only be purchased by UTSA students for each game individually (no season guest tickets are sold in the student section).

Season Tickets
If students do not want to sit in the student section, they may purchase a season ticket at the UTSA Faculty/Staff rate to get a reserved seat elsewhere in the Alamodome. If students are getting in free to the football game, they must sit in the student section.

Student Ticket Accounts
Students will have secure, personal accounts in the Ticketmaster ticket system from which to (a) manage their account information, (b) track their attendance history and (c) purchase guest tickets. Students will receive an account number and password to access their account on their initial login and they can create a new password after logging on the first time. Students will receive their login information on or around the first week of classes for the semester. Late registrants will receive their information later than that in subsequent reminder e-mails. 

Ticket Printing/Attendance Process
For admittance to the Alamodome, students just need their student ID swiped at one of the two designated student entrances, located at the southeast and northwest corners of the facility. Students also may purchase guest tickets at the Alamodome Box Office by showing their ID card.

Guest Tickets
UTSA students will be allowed to purchase guest tickets for family members or friends to allow them to sit in the student section. This is the only way a non-UTSA student can sit in the student section. Even if not arriving with the student, those utilizing student guest tickets must enter through one of the student entrances, which are located at the southeast and northwest corners of the Alamodome, in order to receive a wristband to sit in the student section. These tickets must be purchased by a UTSA student, whether online through their ticket account or in-person at the Alamodome. Students may purchase up to FOUR (4) guest tickets and they are sold at the ticket face value of $10. Guest tickets are non-refundable once purchased.

1. Log onto your account manager by clicking here (your account ID/password combo previously has been e-mailed to you). If you have lost your password, use the email address you designated as preferred in ASAP to retrieve it.

2. After logging in, click on the "Buy Student Guest Tickets" link.

3. Choose the game you want from the list of home athletics events. You can purchase up to FOUR (4) guest tickets for the student section, which is general admission seating.

Tickets purchases are non-refundable and they cannot be cancelled after printing.

Alamodome Access
To gain access to the Alamodome on game days, students will need to bring their student ID to one of the two student entrances, which are located at the southeast or northwest corners of the facility. Doors will open 90 minutes prior to kickoff. At the doors, the first 6,000 students will receive a wristband to allow them access to the lower level student section. People with these wristbands will be the only ones allowed in those lower-level sections and ushers will check for the proper colored wristband. Once these wristbands run out, students then will have to proceed to the club level for seating. If necessary, those 930 students also will receive a wristband to designate they have seating on the club level, as opposed to the upper level.

Getting To The Game
Parking at the Alamodome is limited only to fans who have a season pass. There is no parking available on a per-game basis other than ADA spots. Students have two main options for getting to UTSA football games.

VIA Park & Ride VIA offers park & ride service from several locations throughout San Antonio, including the UTSA Main Campus. The cost for UTSA students is $2.50 for a round-trip ticket (for all others, it is $5). Tokens may be purchased in advance at the Main Campus University Center, Roadrunner Express Store, on VIA’s website or at all VIA Information Centers. VIA also offers park & ride services from UTSA's Downtown Campus on the 100 Primo route for a roundtrip cost of $1.20 for students and $2.40 for others. Click here for all the details.

Downtown Parking Students also can also park at one of several other downtown lots near the Alamodome and walk to the game. Students planning on tailgating before the game should contact the lot owner ahead of time to determine their tailgating policies.

Sports Schedules

Baseball Basketball
Basketball Cross Country
Cross Country Golf
Football Soccer
Golf Softball
Tennis Tennis
Track & Field Track & Field

Mobile Apps/Text Message Updates
Click here to download the UTSA Athletics App for your Android, iPhone, iPad or iTouch to get all the latest news and information regarding UTSA Athletics to your mobile device. You also can text "GOUTSA" to "ATT411" (288411) to get all the latest news and information about UTSA Athletics delivered to your cellular phone via text message.

Social Media
UTSA Athletics is on the cutting edge of social media with Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, a YouTube channel and Pinterest account. Click here for a complete list of UTSA Athletics' social media accounts.

Social Runners
Social Runners is a social media-based program for students. Fans receive points for attending selected athletics events, checking into certain locations, using assigned hashtags and posting them to UTSA Athletics social media sites (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Four Square). These points then can be redeemed for prizes at a "store” on the UTSA Athletics Facebook page. Click here to visit the UTSA Athletics Facebook page for more information.

Spruce up your computer desktop or screen saver with a UTSA Roadrunners wallpaper. There are two sizes available (800x600/1,024x768) and they are updated throughout the year. Click here to download your favorite one today.

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