Each week during the summer months, DartmouthSports.com will be running a segment on the women's basketball page called Tuesday Women's Basketball Trivia. We'll ask each player one question a week and you can learn the inside scoop on the women's basketball team. Happy Reading!

Who would play you in a movie?

Tia Dawson (Sophomore): Lolo Jones because she's my lost twin!

Faziah Steen (Senior): Sanaa Lathan because of Love and Basketball

Abbey Schmitt (Sophomore): Emma Stone.

Kamala Thompson (Sophomore): Angelina Jolie.

Milica Toskovic (Sophomore): Not sure who exactly, but I would probably be the best friend that is always there to make sarcastic comments but always has your back.

Nicola Zimmer (Junior): Meryl Streep, no doubt! She's the best. I guess it'd have to be me in my later years, though.

Eve Zelinger (Junior): Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids. Only because she had me laughing to the point I could no longer breathe and I think she could do me justice.