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Extra Benefits and Inducements

NCAA legislation prohibits prospective student-athletes or the prospect's relatives or friends from receiving financial aid or other benefits directly from or arranged by an UTC staff member, coach, student-athlete or booster. This prohibition shall apply regardless of whether similar financial aid, benefits or arrangements are available to prospective students in general, their relatives or friends.
Specifically prohibited financial aid, benefits and arrangements include, but are not limited to, the following:
  Cash or like items (e.g., gift certificates).
  Tangible items (e.g., clothing, cars, jewelry, etc.).
  Loan of money, signing or cosigning loans, guarantee of bond or providing special discounts or payment arrangements on loans.
  Providing loans to a prospect's relatives or friends.
  Arranging employment for a prospect's relatives or friends.
  Promise of employment after college graduation.
  Involvement in arrangement for free or reduced charges for professional or personal services, purchases, or charges.
  An automobile or use of an automobile.
  Free or reduced-cost housing, storage or use of personal property.
  Transportation costs to prospects, their relatives or friends.
  Purchase of items or services from a prospect or the prospect's family at inflated prices.
  Providing directly or indirectly transportation to enroll in class at the institution.
  Educational expenses (other than from permissible institutional and outside sources).
  Entertaining prospects and/or the prospect's relatives or friends at any site either on- or off-campus.

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