Donor Spotlight: Mark and Sue Stansberry
Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
Mark and Sue Stansberry were recognized with an on-court recognition during the women's basketball game on February 28.
MOUNT PLEASANT - As owners of Mountain Town Rehab, Mark and Sue Stansberry have helped athletes from all 16 of CMU's varsity sport teams get back into competition.

Sue said that this exposure to the student-athlete population is a big reason why her and Mark have continued to increase their support of Chippewa athletics.

"We started when it was Chippewa Club and we wanted the football tickets, so we made that commitment," she said. "Then from there you realize, 'Wow there are some other great sports.'"

Mark said that the steady flow of CMU athletes infuses Mountain Town Rehab with a little bit of fun on a daily basis.

"Athletes have an energy about them that's why we really love that population," he said. "I get that energy and that gives me energy."

The Stansberry's commitment goes beyond just meeting their financial and physical needs, they also try and help them emotionally.

CMU student-athletes are a geographically diverse population and that physical distance can make it difficult for families to make it to many contests.

Mark said that because he and Sue spend so much time around the athletes that they have a vested interest in supporting them.

Sue said as a parent, she can empathize with those families who are so far away. She said she recently got a call from a worried mother in Kansas.

"I told her that if my kid was in Kansas I'd be a mess but just know that your kid is our kid when they come through our door," she said.

The Stansberry's widespread support of all of CMU's teams was evident when asked about their favorite Chippewa athletics memory.

Mark cited the soccer team's victory over Toledo last year and the women's basketball team's home win over Purdue this season and the volleyball team's MAC championship as some of his favorite recent memories.

He also recalled the gymnastics MAC championships at Bowling Green in 2010 and the energy that the CMU faithful brought into the arena that helped will the Chippewas to a MAC title.

Sue said that she can remember years that the attention she paid to CMU wrestling and the online updates during the NCAA tournament bordered on obsession.

Mark said that his all-time favorite memory, and one of the greatest moments in CMU football history, occurred in 1994 as the Chippewa football team faced Bowling Green with the MAC championship on the line.

He said that CMU lead most of the game, but the tide of momentum turned and Bowling Green had taken a 25-21 lead in the fourth quarter. The Chippewas were facing a fourth and three near their own 20 yard line and were getting ready to punt.

Mark said that all game long Bowling Green immediately retreated to set up a return upon the snap of the ball, a fact that didn't escape CMU punter Craig Fischer.

"Sure enough, instead of kicking the ball he took it and ran and he scored a touchdown," he said. "I felt like he was running in slow motion and he was running with the Bowling Green guys but no one recognized he had the ball!"

The Chippewas went on to win the game and the MAC.

When the next bizarre/brilliant moment in Chippewa history occurs, odds are that the Stansberrys will be in the stands.

On behalf of the over 400 CMU student-athletes, we would like to thank Mark and Sue Stansberry for their outstanding commitment to Chippewa Athletics through their contributions to the Chippewa Athletic Fund.